Getting My Head around It: Week 6


This week, I was still travelling, working at my job’s annual conference in California, which meant long days and general tiredness. But with the time difference, I was able to wake up early every day to workout, which felt good. I feel like I want to get in workouts now while I still can, knowing that eventually my runs will become walks and my core workouts will pause.

After the conference I travelled to New Jersey to see my mom for a few days, and it was so hard to keep my secret, but I knew it would be better to wait until I really knew for sure everything would be okay. If I did have a miscarriage, I would still tell her, and our close family and friends, but I just feel like it is better to wait until we know what is going on. While Andy and I are dying to tell our family and friends our news, we’re also grateful for this little “cone of silence”, to let us get our heads around it all first.


By Friday, I was so, so happy to finally be home in London and get to see Andy. We went out for dinner on Friday night and it was a new experience for me to order sparkling water instead of wine with dinner, but I enjoyed our date just the same. I have had a few sips of wine here and there, because I don’t think that will hurt anything, but overall I have quickly gotten used to not drinking. I’ll save a longer discussion on that for another post.

Week Six Baby Size:

Orange seed

Week Six Symptoms:

Again, just some fatigue (but a lot of that was probably due to long-distance travel, jet lag and work), yet felt well enough to work out. Very grateful that I was not nauseous while trying to get through long work days.

Week Six Feelings:

Still excited and happy, and less fearsome. Curious and wanting to google EVERYTHING.


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