Starting Off: Week 5

I found out I was pregnant on Monday morning, the 18th of July, 2016, to my complete and utter shock. Using the standard pregnancy counting technique, I was already five weeks and two days pregnant at that point. Based off actual ovulation date (which I know, because I used fertility treatments (to be covered in a later post)), I was one day shy of three weeks of being “actually” pregnant. But since the standard is to count from day one of the last period, I’m going with that from now on for consistency.

So, at five weeks pregnant, complete and utter shock. I knew that I had ovulated and knew that there was a possibility I could be pregnant. But for three weeks, I had zero signs of feeling pregnant. And more importantly, the week prior (two weeks after ovulation) I took a pregnancy test — knowing that because of the medications I was on, a test wouldn’t be accurate until then — and it was negative.

I wasn’t pregnant, confirmed. I carried on that week as normal since I was sure I wasn’t pregnant. On Monday, I took another pregnancy test because I hadn’t yet gotten my period. Based on past experience, I knew the doctor would tell me to first take another test to be sure before starting a round of progesterone and then clomid, so I decided to just go ahead and do that so I could call the nurses that morning to tell them I definitely wasn’t pregnant, please give me the progesterone so I can get on with the next round of this.

I dragged myself into the bathroom first thing Monday morning. I saw two lines and frantically grabbed the instruction sheet. The test I bought came with two tests so I took the second one, sure there has been a user error. Another two lines. I stared at those four lines in disbelief and ran into the bedroom. I woke up Andy and made him get out of bed and come into the bathroom to confirm what I was seeing. We hugged, we cried, we stared.

I called the fertility clinic that morning to report my news and was scheduled for a scan appointment on the 12th of August. How could I ever wait that long??

I spent the day at work in a daze. Complete excitement, happiness, shock, fear. I tried to wrap my head around this strange new world. This new future.

That evening I went to a yoga class, and took my first “bump” photo, as a baseline.

Bump W5D2.jpg

Unfortunately, I was scheduled to travel long-distance for work that week. On Wednesday, I traveled from London to Los Angeles, an 11-hour flight across eight time zones. I spent the rest of the week exhausted, shocked, happy, excited. It was a very busy week of long work days, avoiding alcohol, early morning runs on the beach and early nights to bed. Completely overwhelmed and excited and holding this little secret raspberry inside, just for me and Andy to know.

Week Five Baby Size:

Sesame seed

Week Five Symptoms:

Fatigue (but a lot of that was probably due to long-distance travel, jet lag and work), very sore boobs, and one short and scary bout of bad cramping (spoiler alert, that turned out to be nothing)

Week Five Feelings:

Excitement, happiness, fear



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