Starting to Feel It: Week 7

This is the first week that I really started to feel pregnant. No signs on any actual growth from the outside; I know I’ll be well into the second trimester before I look pregnant. 

Bump W7D2.jpg

(sorry for super blurry photo)

To be honest, I feel like I’ve probably lost weight because my clothes are looser. I weighed myself at my mom’s house last week so I’m using that as my baseline since I hadn’t weighed myself in months. I need to get some scales. Also, I have been using an app to track my food intake and nutritionals, obviously not to lose weight but rather to be sure I am getting a balanced diet and getting enough protein, calcium etc, which has been helpful.

On Saturday Andy and I went for a long (12-mile!) country hike, which was amazing. It was a beautiful day for it and we had a lovely time taking in the countryside, breathing fresh air, chatting about baby plans and stopping in quaint villages and country pubs to relax, drink lemonade and read.

Country walk 30 July 2016_1Country walk 30 July 2016_2Country walk 30 July 2016_3

Very relaxing, but on Sunday I was exhausted!

By Monday and Tuesday I started to have slight nausea and tummy issues, and by the end of the week the nausea was pretty consistent. I learned that eating small meals helps with this. For some reason I suddenly find plain water so boring and struggle to drink enough throughout the day, which isn’t like me. I think I am dehydrated though and I’m sure if I could stay hydrated I would feel better. Lucozade Sport (like Gatorade) tastes really good and by the end of the week I was drinking one a day, but I don’t want to have too much since it’s so high in sugar.

I managed to work out with my running group on Monday and Thursday, and run on my own and and do yoga the other days. Each time I went out with the running group or to a yoga class, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the others, or I would get sick and have to explain why, but I got through each workout with no one the wiser. Working out and being busy helps to keep my mind of the nausea and it’s not so bad once I get into it. I think the endorphins actually help, too.

The nausea has mostly felt like low-grade motion sickness; I’m not actually getting sick but just feel ugh. And all I want is salty and savoury food: crisps, bread, cheese, etc. I had two days of bad stomachaches but luckily they went away. One night I just had ginger tea and cinnamon toast (with butter) for dinner, as it was the only thing that sounded good. But I’m still making myself eat fruits and vegetables daily; these are things I used to crave, and now I’m merely indifferent to them. I also suddenly love snacking on plain crackers and keep stocking up on them, scared we will run out.

I’ve been tired every day, going to bed by 9 or 10 and still feeling dead tired when I wake up every morning. Usually I spring out of bed in the morning, ready to work out and start my day, but this week, it has all been a struggle.

On the plus side, I guess having more of these symptoms is another sign to confirm that I really am pregnant. I am still really scared that something bad could happen, knowing that I am in no way in the clear zone yet.

Week Seven Baby Size:


Week Seven Symptoms:

Fatigue, stomachaches, nausea.

Week Seven Feelings:

Generally feeling yucky, but also happy I am well enough to still workout and get on with my day in general. Also happy that I am clearly still pregnant.

Week Seven Cravings:

Salt, cheese, eggs (I made scrambled eggs for dinner one night and it was heaven), butter, Lucozade.

Week Seven Aversions:

No strong aversions but generally uninterested in water and not too enthusiastic about vegetables and sweet things.


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