The Heartbeat! Week Eight

This week was a mixed-bag as far as how I felt physically. In terms of news about the baby though, it was a stunner!

Bump W8D2_2

Up until now, I had been thinking my weeks started on Saturdays. I found out at my first scan appointment (more on that later) that I was counting a few days early, so week eight turned out to be a little long.

On Saturday morning I woke up feeling better than usual and made it to a Run Dem Crew session in Olympic Park. I was a bit nervous about this, whether I would get sick, whether I would be able to keep up, etc, but really wanted to go. I am so glad I did, because it went great. I did have to go a bit slowly at times, and it was a tough session but felt so good and I was on a huge high afterwards.

For the rest of Saturday I felt pretty good, and was able to eat pretty normally, other than learning that sweets are just not appealing to me anymore. We had a fun relaxing weekend enjoying London in the sunshine, and I went for a long walk early Sunday morning. No hangovers are pretty nice.

On Sunday, I baked a loaf of bread; I’ve been getting more interested in learning about the art of breadmaking lately and taking up domestic hobbies like this.

Week 8 bread loaf

But for most of the day I felt pretty sick again, craving cheese, crackers, pickles, lemonade, Lucozade Sport.

Week 8 Food
Cliché pregnant woman’s diet

Through the entire week, the nausea got worse and it was compounded by not being able to drink water; I used to always be a great water drinker and well-hydrated, but now it just does not appeal. I know being dehydrated is only making things worse. All I want to drink is Lucozade Sport, but I know the vast amounts of sugar in there is not good for me. I also tried Sea Bands to see if that had any effect, but they made no difference.

I was barely able to work out most the week, just fitting in walks and incorporating some run/walk intervals most days. I went to yoga twice, which was great, and one session with Chasing Lights for strength and run drills, but it felt tough. I don’t understand how a few months ago I could run six miles easily.

But it all became worth it on Friday when we got our eight-week scan! We heard the heartbeat!!! Thumpa thumpa thumpa. And we got to see the baby moving, it was incredible! Absolutely life-changing. I spent a lot of time at that same clinic in the past few months for fertility treatments and scans, and going this time to see a little wiggly baby in there was unreal. We learned that the baby (which I feel weird even calling it that yet) is measuring at the right levels and everything looks normal. Also, I was really glad there was only one in there! I also learned that my due date is 21 March, and that my weeks begin on Tuesdays.

Week 8 scan 12 Aug 2016

However, my experience with the hospital was unsettling after that. I still haven’t actually met with a midwife or been booked for my 12-week scan yet, and later found out they lost my paperwork. It’s frustrating but I’m trying to be patient with navigating a whole new medical system.

On the weekend our friend John came to visit and we told him the news; there was no way to hide it. We went out Friday night for dinner and we went for a 12-mile hike on Saturday and I felt great. Most of the weekend I felt great.

stonegate walk

Week Eight Baby Size:


Week Eight Symptoms:

Fatigue, nausea

Week Eight Feelings:

Frustrated at not being able to work out or feel normal, but elated to hear the heartbeat and see the baby move!

Week Eight Cravings:

Pizza, crisps, fish and chips (got that on our country walk), crackers, rice cakes, frappucinos (haven’t gotten one yet though), a burger (which I haven’t had in 20 years!),  tortilla chips (but let’s be real, I have been craving that for the last two years), lemonade. I’ve also noticed that often when I get a craving, if I eat that thing, the craving is gone for good and that very food sounds disgusting to me from there on out. This happened with pickles and mustard.

Week Eight Aversions:

Ginger (last week ginger was helping a lot but now it sounds awful), sweets, chocolates, cakes, grainy mustard, sparking water or fizzy drinks.

Week Eight Weight Gain:


I bought some scales, something I haven’t owned for two years. So I am not entirely sure of my weight pre-pregnancy, but I weighed myself at my mom’s house during week 5, so I’m using that number as my baseline. As of week eight, I was up one pound from that baseline number.




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