Ups and Downs: Week Nine

Started off week nine (which I now know starts on Tuesdays) with a (non) bump photo. Still getting that baseline I guess.

Bump W9D0

It doesn’t look like I’ve changed at all, but I definitely felt heavier at this time.

Most of this week I felt okay at times, then dipped down into nausea at other times. I went to my favorite spin class on Tuesday morning and felt amazing afterwards, on such a high. I even did a double workout that day and did a run/strength session with Chasing Lights that evening, which I really enjoyed for social reasons, but I have to say I was pretty tired. I modified a few of the exercises since I shouldn’t do wall walks (basically walking from a plank to a handstand against a wall; I’m not supposed to do total inversions) and also skipped box jumps because I’ve read conflicting things about whether those are okay. I had to skip evening workouts the rest of the week because I was just too tired and ill-feeling. I can’t wait to be able to tell people what is really going on.

Most of my food cravings this week continued to be salty foods, plain carbs like crackers and toast, and cheese. Still finding it a struggle to drink water.

Over the weekend we went to Munich to meet up with our friend John, and I was nervous about the travel and being out of my normal routine, but I had a fabulous time. I felt really bloated and fat a lot of the time, yet also didn’t have much appetite and couldn’t eat more than half a meal at a time without getting uncomfortably full.

munich maypole

I wasn’t too sad about missing out on the beer-drinking; German beer is not my favorite anyway, but I shared some of the boys’ hefeweizens, a few sips here and there. I was also shocked to find that every biergarten has alcohol-free beer on the menu as a matter of course – something you rarely see in the UK or US. I tried two and they weren’t great, but at least I could order something besides water or soda.

munich nonalcohol beer

My favorite thing was the pretzels; so tasty, and perfect to satisfy my carb and salt cravings.


We had great weather on Saturday and absolutely loved biking all over the city. I read that preggos aren’t supposed to bike for fear of falling off, but come on. These were very safe beach-cruiser type bikes, and I took it slow and safe. American pregnancy guidelines are way more overly cautious than European standards.

munich lake

munich path 1

One day I tried to go for a run but was so tired and fat-feeling I just walked. The second day I was able to run more and that felt great. I also concentrated on drinking a ton of water, and I went to the bathroom 12 times each day, no kidding.

munich path 2

munich rathausHowever, I think the weekend away really tuckered me out. Monday was my worst day yet, I felt so sick and tired all day and barely ate. It was awful.


Week Eight Baby Size:


Week Eight Symptoms:

Fatigue, nausea, bloating

Week Eight Feelings:

Mostly ups and downs; loved that some days I could exercise and feel great, bummed that other days I felt too sick and tired to do anything.

Week Eight Cravings:

Crackers, pretzels, plain dry carbs

Week Eight Aversions:


Week Eight Weight Gain:

-1 from last week, 0 overall.

Overall some ups and downs day to day, but I averaged out to lose one pound and therefore be right back to my baseline number from July.


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