A Tiny Bit Better: Week Eleven

Overall still felt rather queasy this week, but not quite as many bad days as last week. I read on a friend’s pregnancy blog the description of feeling both queasy and hungry at the same time, and that is exactly how I usually feel. I’m especially most hungry in the morning and through lunchtime, and then less hungry by dinner time and after dinner. Pre-pregnancy, I was in the not-great habit of always wanting a snack after dinner and before bed, but that has totally gone away, along with my interest in sweets. In the morning, I find that eating a rice cake or two and sipping water in bed before I get up helps me to stave off the gross feeling in the morning, but it usually kicks in at some point anyway and lasts most the day.

Still awkward

I also mostly felt too sick to run each day, although I did make it to a spin class on Tuesday and a yoga class on Friday. I was completely gutted to miss evening runs with my running groups/friends. I also really miss the feeling of going out on a long sweaty run by myself, and miss long distances. I know I will get to do that again eventually.

However, on Saturday morning I did feel well enough for a short run on my own. I went up to Clissold Park and did three sets of running for 8 minutes, with 1-minute walk breaks in between. I felt good to at least do something, and prove to myself I can still run, at least a little. It felt pretty hard though, and I was huffing and puffing at times. I think that has to do with a cold/sinus issue I developed last week.


Speaking of which, I have read about pregnancy rhinitis and really hope that is not another thing I have. For the past week I’ve had a sore throat, runny nose and sneezing and I’m really hoping it’s just a cold and not something I’ll have for 30 more weeks (!).

Finally, on Sunday we did a 12-mile country hike in Kent with a friend who is visiting for the weekend, and I felt mostly good the whole time, just tired at times.


Hever Castle: highly recommendedIMG_0440

This week, I am most incredibly excited and nervous for our 12-week scan, scheduled for tomorrow. I can’t wait to see the little lime on there and find out if everything is okay, but at the same time, I am extremely anxious about the various tests we’ll have for Downs Syndrome and other conditions. I just want to know the results so we know how to prepare, no matter what. I’m also still really worried about losing the baby.

One more thing I am worried about: Zika. We are due to travel to Central Florida at the end of September to see family and friends and have a little holiday. While no native Zika cases have been reported yet, it’s probably just a matter of time. We know we probably should cancel our trip. But really want to see our family and friends. Really stressing us both out.

Assuming everything goes well with the appointment tomorrow, we’ll tell our families and begin telling friends this week, and that I truly can’t wait for. Every time I talk to one of my brothers or my mom I am dying to tell them. It is so weird to have this huge secret and pretend nothing is going on!

Week 11 Baby Size


Week 11 Symptoms

Queasiness, tiredness, sinusitis, very vivid weird dreams, constant need to pee

Week 11 Feelings

Apprehensively hopeful about getting better, nervous about upcoming tests, worried about Zika

Week 11 Cravings

Still savoury, salty, cheesy things: I had Chipotle one day which really hit the spot, and also have been enjoying tomato-based soups, pasta with tomato sauce and cheese and even a pizza bagel one day. I told Andy that I’m sorry I’m eating like a five-year-old.

Week 11 Aversions

No strong aversions but I’m very sensitive to smells, especially our cat’s litterbox and some unidentified scents I pick up around the house. I also can’t stand the smell of Pret a Manger shops.

Week 11 Weight Gain

I’m up two pounds now from my baseline, so pretty much at the same place I’ve been for the past month or so, give or take daily fluctuations. My jeans feel tight and I feel a little bloated, but overall I look pretty much the same. My belly seems to be a little bulgy, but I think it’s just carbs.


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