Tired and Queasy: Week 10

I’ll keep this update pretty short because it was more of the same: felt quite tired and queasy most days. Running was unfathomable but I did manage to at least walk most mornings. I had one really bad day that I had to take half the day off work and sleep because I felt so bad, and I barely ate and drank, which probably made things worse. I’ve been trying to make an effort every day since to drink water, even though I find it really unappealing for some reason. I have also made lemonade which really helps. Loving lemons and anything sour.

Week 10 bump
Really need to be less awkward in these 6am mirror selfies

I’m really struggling with not being able to exercise; I actually miss hard workouts and long marathon training runs more than anything else. And it’s hard not being able to plan my schedule and commit to evening workouts with friends.

I also started to notice round ligament pain the past week or two; it feels like my lower abdomen muscles are being stretched and pulled, especially when I first sit up or get out of bed, or while doing yoga. Trying to treat that area gently. Also get lightheaded if I sit up or get out of bed too quickly.

Near the end of the week I felt better, and made it to some yoga classes and a pilates class which I really enjoyed. On Saturday, Andy and I went for a long hike. Most times, hiking or walking makes me feel better but that was a bad day and I felt sick for a lot of it. But I powered through because I wanted to be out and about enjoying the fresh air.


The most exciting two things this week were:

  1. Having my first midwife appointment! This was just filling out paperwork mostly, no physical exam, but I was happy to finally speak with someone and learn the whole process of what to expect as far as medical care throughout the pregnancy. I’ll be giving birth at University College London Hospital, the same hospital I’ve gone to for fertility testing and treatments, and that is also where I go for all my pre-natal scans and appointments. If all goes normally, my appointments and actual delivery will be with a midwife. There is a team of four midwives that I’ve been assigned to, and each appointment I have may be with a different one, and there’s no guarantee of which will be there when I deliver. I understand the logistics of why it works that way, and I’m glad to be working with a midwife because I think that’s a good approach for normal, healthy pregnancies. But I’m also glad I’ll be in a fully equipped hospital, one of the best around, with doctors available if there are complications. It’s a little disconcerting to not always have the same person but I just have to go with it; it’s all part of being in a new country/new system and being on the NHS. I have lots of questions but it’s all one step at a time and I’m being open-minded and positive.
  2. Second, we told Andy’s mom, Jill, the news over Skype! We were dying to tell someone and she was really excited and cried. I cried too. So exciting. As much as I want to tell the world, we’re going to wait until after our 12-week scan to tell everyone else, to be sure things are okay.


Week 10 Baby Size


Week 10 Symptoms

Tired, queasy, round ligament stretching, lightheadedness

Week 10 Feelings

Frustrated at not running, excited to get some medical info and get to tell Jill

Week 10 Cravings

Cheese, lemonade

Week 10 Aversions

Chocolate, sweets

Week 10 Weight Gain

-1 overall (lost a tiny bit of weight with feeling so sick, so overall just a pound down from my baseline)



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