Week 11 Redux

Pregnancy math is fuzzy math.

We went in for my Week 12 scan on Tuesday, which, most importantly, is to check for signs of Down Syndrome and other serious conditions. As I said in my Week 11 post, I was extremely nervous for this. But I was also really excited to see the little lime in there, hear the heartbeat, and ensure it was still in there and growing. Also, if everything went well, the plan was to begin telling our immediate family and close friends this week, and I couldn’t wait for that.

As soon as the sonogram began, the doctor (it’s a doctor at the hospital who does the scans in the UK) told us that everything looked fine, but the baby was measuring too small for the Downs test (which is done by measuring the spinal column in the neck, and taking a blood test). He assured us everything was fine, but the lime was just too small. We got to hear the heartbeat, get a good look at the baby and get a super blurry souvenir photo.

Looks like a bird. Baby might have a beak.

Based on measurements, the doctor pronounced me at 11 weeks and one day. So, I’m back in week 11, still three weeks away from the second trimester, and the due date is pushed back a week, to 27th of March. Pregnancy math is fuzzy math.

If there is anything I am learning from pregnancy, it’s that you can’t plan on anything! For a Type A like me, learning to be patient is a whole new ball game.

So, looking forward to our second attempt at a scan next Tuesday!



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