What I Thought I Would Miss

Before I became pregnant, I thought missing out on drinking for nearly 10 months would be quite the bummer. Not to sound like a boozehound or something, but I am a bit of a wine and beer snob and really enjoy a good hoppy IPA or a nice French wine. Our hard party days are behind us (well, they never really existed – I can’t stay up late and we’re not into dancing or clubbing), but on the weekends Andy and like to explore pubs in London or stop in a country pub while out on a hike. Nothing like relaxing with a pint and a book on a Saturday afternoon.

pint country pub.jpg

Since we’ve been living here we have gotten much more into French wine and enjoy learning about and collecting wine while traveling, and having a nice bottle with a nice meal.

wine in paris.jpg

At home, it is definitely a nice ritual to crack open a beer on a Friday night or sip a glass of wine whilst cooking dinner. And of course, it’s part of the social fabric for many of us.

chimay in brantome.jpg

So I thought I would be sad to miss out once I became pregnant. But it’s really not been a big deal. Since seeing those four lines, it’s like a flip switched and I’m not even interested in drinking. It might sound silly but I guess I thought before that I would have to remind myself not to drink, or that I would feel sad when I couldn’t partake. I’ve had a few sips here and there, since research shows a small amount now and then is generally okay, but just a taste or two of Andy’s drink is enough to give me a taste of a good beer or wine. After a sip or two, it doesn’t even appeal to me anymore (probably related to my overall food aversions/nausea).

les halles de lyon oysters.jpg
Definitely not eating raw oysters these days either

When we’ve gone out to dinner, it feels weird to not even look at the wine list or care about the offerings, but it’s not a big deal at all. In pubs, I usually just order water, maybe a soft drink. The only problem there is that I just get bored with drinking water all the time, and soft drinks are usually too sweet for me. A few places have non-alcoholic cocktails, but most I’ve tried have been too sickly sweet for me.


Also, no hangovers are great. I really like getting up early on weekend mornings and going for runs or walks and making breakfast, before the rest of the world has woken up.


I’m lucky that I work remotely for my job and haven’t been pressured into work social events involving drinking. The first week that I knew I was pregnant, I was at a conference, which usually involve receptions and dinners with drinks, but I was able to avoid it pretty well, casually holding glasses of wine and eventually setting them down without taking more than a tiny sip. I have some upcoming work travel this fall that might be more complicated. Also we are lucky in that we haven’t had any major social events with friends lately, such as a wedding, that would normally entail drinking. I’m sure when the time comes for that, especially around the holidays, it might get annoying to be the sober one, but at least by then I can tell people openly why I’m not drinking.


On the other side of the coin, I’ve been surprised to see what I really DO miss (coming up my next post).


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