Big Excitement: Week Twelve

Week Twelve (week starting Monday, the 12th of September) was a big week! So much excitement this week, even if still guarded excitement.

Week 12

First, we got a re-do of our 12-week scan. I was again super nervous for what the doctor might see. Luckily, we had a really lovely doctor and assistant for this scan and they were both very kind and professional and explained everything that was happening. We got to see our little jumping bean on the screen, and she walked us through all the measurements. All the body parts were there and everything was measuring just as it should be. She looked at the spinal column in the neck, and in combination with my blood tests, said we were at low risk for Downs and other conditions. What a huge relief! I was really petrified during this scan, so nervous about what she might say. Obviously nothing is guaranteed but it was nice to hear that all looks good so far.

Week 12 scan

The baby would not stop moving during the scan! It was so fun to watch it moving all over, although it made the doctor’s job hard. We could see and hear the heartbeat, and the doctor confirmed the gestational age was 12 weeks and 1 day, so still on track for a 27 March due date.

Once we heard the good news, we felt ready to tell our families. That night we did a series of phone calls and Skype sessions and rounds of texting with each of my brothers, my mom, Andy’s parents and siblings. It was so much fun to tell each of them and of course my mom and I cried. I so wish I could have told her in person but we agreed we were sending each other hugs down the phone line. I wish we could have told everyone in person but it was still so fun to tell people.

Also, we had to let everyone know since we decided to cancel our planned Florida trip. This was such a hard decision because we were really looking forward to seeing family and friends in Florida but the risk of Zika, no matter how low, just isn’t worth it. 😦  Super sad though.

Later in the week and the following week we told more friends, both in London and in the States, and every time we told someone it was so much fun. But also nerve-wracking, since if something does go wrong, it’s that many more people to have to share the bad news with. Still keeping things quiet just in case.

It was also an exciting week because I slowly began to feel the signs of nausea ebbing, and I was able to do more running, both on my own and with Chasing Lights. Felt so good to get out there again.


Finally, Andy’s sister moved to the UK this week! We went up to see her in Manchester for the day on Saturday and had fun exploring a new city in the sun! I was feeling vaguely pukey most the day though. So fun to see Lindsey and talk about the excitement of all this in person.


Week 12 Baby Size


Week 12 Symptoms

Off and on queasiness, very vivid weird dreams, constant need to pee

Week 12 Feelings

Excitement about seeing the plum dance around and hearing the good news, and sharing with our families! Nervous that now the cat is out of the bag.

Week 12 Cravings

Still savoury carbs but diet is getting more normal, with more salads and less cheese. Had amazing pizza in Manchester followed by amazing sour Jolly Ranchers fresh from the States thanks to Lindsey.

Week 12 Aversions

Nothing too bad.

Week 12 Weight Gain

Still up two pounds from baseline


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