Happy Birthday to Me: Week Thirteen

This week marked a fun week in a couple of ways.

Week 13

First, I began to feel better and had less nausea, meaning I was able to run with both Run Dem Crew on Tuesday night, and Chasing Lights on Wednesday night. RDC was a huge night with about 200 runners, and we ran right up to Emirates Stadium, not far from my house, and I was so glad I could join. I can’t really explain what an incredible, supportive, unique running crew this is.


Unfortunately, by Thursday I was back to feeling motionsick and eating rice cakes and lemonade again. I thought I was in the clear but I guess these things still come and go.

I really wanted to feel better by the weekend since Saturday was my birthday. My last birthday not as a mother! Crazy. I was so glad it fell on a Saturday, and that we had gorgeous weather.

I went for a run that morning (3 miles, with a one-minute break in between each mile), and then we went to Somerset House for the London Design Biennale.


I love Somerset House, and this was a really fun exhibition, exploring models of utopian cities.


After, we walked along the Thames in the sunshine, one of my favorite parts of London, and had a Spanish tapas lunch at Barrafina, which was excellent. We returned home in the afternoon for a nap, and Andy gave me some really nice presents. We also had chocolate chip cupcakes, which I made the night before using my mom’s recipe. One of my favorite foods in the world, and tasted just like Mom used to make.

That night, we headed down to south London for dinner and jazz at Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec. I really like live jazz and we hadn’t seen any in ages, and I figured this is the kind of stuff that is much easier to do now while we can still easily go out on our own on a Saturday night! The food and jazz were both really great, although I had trouble staying awake near the end. My bedtime is normally 9-10pm these days! It was a really fun day and I felt really lucky. We spent most of Sunday relaxing, cleaning the house, and planning our Italy trip.

Week 13 Baby Size



Week 13 Symptoms

Off and on queasiness, very vivid weird dreams, constant need to pee.

Week 13 Feelings

Excited that I was able to run with RDC and CL again; delighted and humbled that I had such a lovely birthday and so many nice messages from family and friends.

Week 13 Cravings

Getting a lot more normal now; getting lots more salads and fruit now, but still loving dry carbs, cheese and anything salty.

Week 13 Aversions

Nothing too bad.

Week 13 Weight Gain

Up four pounds now from baseline.


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