Getting More Energy: Weeks 16 and 17

Week 16 saw our return to London from Italy, and then I turned right around and flew to California for a work trip.

I was slightly nervous about the long-distance flights and hoped I wouldn’t feel sick for the duration, but I was fine. I came armed with lots of water, crackers, sour candies and other snacks so I could manage. I was just exhausted. On the first flight to Minneapolis, I worked the whole time but for the second leg to San Diego, I passed out.

I did feel a bit spoiled being in California after Italy, but this was for work! I was able to get out for some morning runs along the ocean and it was amazing.


It felt fantastic to run again after not really running much for two weeks. Felt good to know I could still do it.


My main excitement for these two weeks was accepting a new job and putting in my resignation. Not going into details on that but let’s say it’s quite a significant change that kept my mind racing and my days very busy.

Once I was back in London again, I was pretty happy to spend Week 17 getting settled back into life and a somewhat normal routine (for now).


I had a midwife appointment but basically nothing happened there, just bloodwork and vital sign testing. Because I have gained a little weight but really don’t have a significant bump, I was concerned about whether a baby is still in there, but the midwife assures me he/she is….

Here I am at Week 16, with a definite belly curve but not as big as I thought I would be by now:


I was really excited to get back into a regular workout routine, since my nausea has definitely ebbed and my energy is returning. I realized that with running, I have always set goals and tracked my progress based on weekly mileage, but that is just not realistic anymore. Since I am going week by week how I feel, I am focusing more on how many days I run, no matter how long that run is, and measuring my runs in time spent, not distance covered. All my runs include walk breaks these days, so this is working for me.

Also, I am focusing on getting more low-impact strength work in that will help with the birth and recovery. My goals now are to get three runs (any distance), three walks of at least 30 minutes) and three strength sessions in per week. I have really been enjoying pilates lately and my instructor is so nice about telling me which exercises are safe for me, and which will help with pregnancy and birth. Everyone I have spoken with, and everything I have read, emphasizes the importance of keeping a strong core, hips and pelvic floor, so that is motivating me with the pilates classes and other workouts.


I also went to a class with my favourite yoga teacher, which was wonderful, and as the father of a toddler he gave me tons of great advice on both yoga during pregnancy and baby stuff in general. I tried my first pregnancy yoga class, but I don’t think it’s for me. While it was nice to not have to worry about modifications, it was just too boring and slow for me.

At the end of Week 17 we went for a really long walk (11 miles or so) across north London, which was a fun way to explore other neighborhoods in the city and get some exercise.


 And here I am at Week 17. I swear that soon I will get Andy to start helping me take less terrible photos as the bump (hopefully) grows.

My cat can’t look at my selfie taking


Week 16 and 17 Summary

Since my cravings and aversions aren’t too significant right now, I’m going to replace that section with a new section on weekly workouts.

Baby Size

Avocado and Turnip


  • Sleeplessness/waking up very early and not being able to get back to sleep; not sure if that is attributed to pregnancy or overall mind-racing about job/life stuff.
  • Still feel pregnancy sickness for at least part of each day, afraid that will never go away.
  • Frequent lightheadness (need to drink more water).


Combination of stress/nervousness/excitement about job stuff and overall being busy. Happy to be back in London and back with Andy.


Week 16:

  • This being a heavy travel week, the best I could do was getting out four mornings for combination run/walks, each ranging from 30-40 minutes with running intervals ranging from 5-10 minutes at a time.

Week 17:

  • Runs: two sessions of run/walk intervals
  • Walks: four walks of 35-45 mins each plus an 11-mile walk on Saturday
  • Strength: one power yoga class, one pregnancy yoga class, one pilates class and one session of squats/lunges/pushups in the park

Weight Gain

Over these two weeks I fluctuated between 5 to 8 pounds above baseline, so pretty much the same.



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