Italian Holiday: Weeks 14 and 15

Over weeks 14 and 15, we had our holiday in Italy. This was fabulous but at times a tiny bit sad because this was meant to be our trip to Florida to see family and friends, but because of Zika, we had to change destination. Italy was absolutely amazing and we are so lucky that we could spend our time there, but were still sad to not see family and friends.


We spent time in Rome, the Amalfi Coast (Praiano and a day trip to Positano), a few days in Anacapri, and then finished up in Naples. It was so nice to get some time off from work and stress and get to enjoy one last gasp of summer. Dresses, skirts, flip flops, bathing suits: yes, please.

k and a in rome.jpg


Italy was also ideal for me since I spent all of August craving pizza, cheese, pasta and similar salty, savory foods. I discovered some little breadstick crackers called taralli which were perfect for those sick days. I also got over my sweets aversion to enjoy more than my share of gelato.


After the sickening car ride along the coast, this pizza set me straight again. It wasn’t even anything special but at the time I couldn’t imagine anything better.
Excellent salty little breadsticks
So much fresh pasta with seafood on the coast


Generally my pregnancy sickness got better over the trip, but I still had some bad days. We had a very windy drive along the Amalfi Coast which made me feel horribly sick. We spent a lot of time trying to take it easy, in the spirit of having a restful holiday, not non-stop sightseeing. In Rome we did sightseeing, but we took is slow and didn’t try to see everything. In Amalfi and on Capri, we spent a lot of time in sun loungers by the beach or pool, reading and relaxing, and that was really lovely.


On the exercise front, I ran a little in Rome but mostly just walked after that. Nearly every morning in Praiano and Anacapri I work up early to hike or do some running intervals on the hills and staircases around our hotels at sunrise. We also did some hiking together, the highlight of which was a coastal hike on Capri, plus lots of walking every day.

Processed with Snapseed.


Here I am at Week 14, at the Campidoglio in Rome:


And at Week 15, hiking in Capri:



Weeks 14 and 15 Summary:

Baby Size

Lemon and Orange


Pretty similar to before: always in need of the bathroom, always have vivid dreams, vague nausea but not as bad as the dark days of the first trimester. But I don’t understand why many people say it goes away; it hasn’t gone away for me completely, it’s just not constant anymore. I’m beginning to feel more energetic but more interested in walking and hiking than running.


Relaxed! Holiday will do that.


Pizza, taralli breadsticks, gelato. But fruits and vegetables are back in rotation regularly. Also got some nice sour lemon candies which helped with the nausea.


Still not enjoying ginger. I think it is just bad associations from trying it the first week I was sick. Anything that I tried that first week (ginger, mustard, pickles) I still have bad associations with.

 Weight Gain

By the end of the holiday I was up 8 pounds from the baseline. Some of that is baby but some of that is surely pizza.


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