Busy Days: Weeks 18 and 19

The last week of October and first week of November were busy weeks! I finished one job, started a new one and we had houseguests both weekends in a row.

We went for a lovely country walk on a misty autumn day, the day before Halloween, and it was a perfect escape from the city and felt very atmospheric. I’m not crazy about the coming cold weather but I do love the fall colors.

img_0921Processed with Snapseed.Processed with Snapseed.

Hiking felt good and I tried another pregnancy yoga class – way too boring for me. I went for a run with Run Dem Crew followed by a pub social one evening, which was fun. We did 5K at an easy pace so I felt fine, but still nervous and thinking my group running days are coming to an end soon. I had several runs on my own, with walk breaks, that felt great, and two spin classes that were fantastic.

Around week 18 I still felt like I looked pretty much the same, or at least not pregnant-looking yet, though I realized most of my tailored work clothes no longer fit. Trousers and sheath dresses just have no room to give, so I started looking into maternity clothes. That was really frustrating at first, because everything I tried on seemed cheap and/or still too big for me, but I felt like it would be silly to buy normal clothes in a larger size that might not fit very long. I ended up ordering some dresses from Isabella Oliver that I love, ordered a pair of J. Crew maternity trousers that look terrible so I am returning, and bought a few  non-maternity items that are working so far: trousers with a stretchy waistband, a long sweater, and a long button-down. Paired with some dresses I have that are stretchy material and some long non-maternity tops, I think I can make it through the next few weeks before the bump gets more real.

Week 18 baby belly shot:


Most excitingly, I felt the baby move! The first time I realized what was happening I was on the bus on the way home from work, on Tuesday the 1st of November. It felt like little pops, and I was pretty sure it did not feel like digestion or tummy issues or anything I had ever felt before. It happened twice and I texted Andy right away.

Over the next few days, I felt it more and more, especially after I ate or while lying in bed at night. Sometimes it feels like little jabs in my gut coming from the inside, or sometimes little flip flops, like going down a roller coaster. After a few days of this and some googling, I became pretty certain that this was really the baby. So exciting!

Week 19 baby belly shot in work clothes (before I put a blazer and scarf on):


Weeks 18 and 19 Summary

Baby Size

Sweet Potato and Heirloom Tomato (that second one is odd; heirloom tomatoes vary wildly!)


  • Very early wake ups
  • Still feel pregnancy sickness for at least part of each day
  • Occasional round ligament pain and lower abdomen stretching


Excited about feeling movement, busy with job transition, nervously anticipating the upcoming Week 20 ultrasound


Week 18:

  • Runs: two run/walk intervals on my own plus about 5k with RDC
  • Walks: three walks of 35-30 minutes plus a 13-mile hike
  • Strength/Cross Train: one pregnancy yoga class, one pilates class and one spin class

Week 19:

  • Runs: two sessions of run/walk intervals
  • Walks: four walks of 35-45 mins
  • Strength/Cross Train: one vinyasa yoga class, one pilates class and one spin class

Weight Gain

Still generally in the 6-8 pound range, no increase over 8 pounds


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