Seeing the Baby! Week 20

This was one of the best weeks of pregnancy since we got to have the Week 20 ultrasound and learned everything with the baby is great!


I was really nervous going into this. Since my belly hasn’t grown a whole lot, I was nervous that something could be wrong, and I also know of people who have gone in at 20 weeks to learn that there is a serious problem with the baby. Andy reassured me that everything would be fine, but I didn’t want to go in unprepared for risks. Most people think of the 20-week ultrasound as the gender-reveal scan, but the purpose is to check the anatomy and ensure all the parts are there and growing.

Happily, everything appears just perfect. The baby was moving around and we got to hear the heartbeat and see the heart, brain and all the limbs, turning away at times to avoid accidentally learning the sex. I was surprised by how long it took; the first scan probably took 45 minutes, and the doctor needed to see some additional angles and told me to get up, move around and drink water to get the baby to move. There was a long delay before we could go back in but finally we went back in for round two and the doctor could get all the measurements. Everything is perfectly healthy and it was so amazing and exciting to see the baby up there, to see that this is really real. Happily, my placenta has moved up and I am still on track for a 27 March due date. We left so happy and elated!

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Unfortunately, the next day was quite devastating with the results of the US presidential election. All through the night as I checked the news, and grew more and more upset, the only consoling thought was that the baby mango was doing well. I loved seeing the baby on the screen and it gave me such reassurance the rest of the week. The election results made me cry multiple times, made me sick and angry and despondent. All the more reason to teach our baby love, equality, fairness, the value of diversity, the strength of positivity, and hope for the future.

The weekend was lovely, a chance to catch up on life, re-calibrate and focus on ourselves and the baby. By the end of the week I felt like my bump is really getting to be more defined, and on Saturday I bought my first pair of maternity jeans. Yay, these are amazing! I had good luck at Top Shop, buying a pair of dark blue maternity jeans, black maternity jeans and a black top, plus a maternity sweater at H&M and a new larger pair of running/yoga leggings from Lululemon, in the high-waist style that will stretch with me. My old leggings still fit but are starting to cut in, and I’m really excited about this new pair, especially as I anticipate lots more yoga, pilates, long walks and short runs in the coming months. I also got two new sports bras, on sale at Sports Direct, in one size larger. Currently I’m on the hunt for a good rain coat, trying to work out if buying a larger size rain jacket, perhaps a man’s jacket, is a good idea or a terrible one.

Selfie from the beginning of Week 20:


And then another one from the last day of the week. Andy and I went for a walk in the fall sunshine and took some nicer photos than my iPhone mirror selfies:


Week 20 Summary

Baby Size



  • Feeling little jabs and flips in the belly which is so exciting
  • Still feel pregnancy sickness for a few hours here and there occasionally
  • Occasional round ligament pain and lower abdomen stretching
  • Some tummy pain/digestive issues which was pretty frequent for me even not preggers


Super excited to see the baby and learn everything is fine!


  • Runs: one session with Chasing Lights, about 4 miles total with hill intervals. I took it easy but I think my group run days might be over soon, just too nervous about not being able to keep up. I also did two sessions of run/walk intervals on my own which was great. I just hate that it is so dark in the morning.
  • Walks: only one walk 😦
  • Strength/Cross Train: one vinyasa yoga class with my favorite teacher, which was amazing and reassuring in this tough political week

Weight Gain

Staying steady at 8 pounds total, even though the bump looks bigger.


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