Starting to Nest? Week 22

Feels like the weeks are really moving fast now! Somehow I never took a bump shot this week! I feel like my belly is getting a little rounder now, but still not a significant difference from last week. I was always under the impression that I would get much larger much quicker, but that is not the case so far.

In an exciting and scary leap, last Sunday (still technically part of Week 21), I posted that we are expecting on Facebook and Instagram. I hemmed and hawed over this. I hesitated because many close friends and family already know, so I wasn’t sure if I was being too narcissistic by posting online about it. Moreover, I am still terrified of something bad happening and it really scares me to put this out there publicly. But on the other hand, there are a lot of friends with whom I may not email or speak very often, but I would like to share our big news with them. And I’ve spent so much time keeping this a secret and I’m tired of that. It doesn’t need to be a secret and I finally felt ready to share and celebrate the good news. So I went ahead and put the news is out there, and it was incredibly heart-warming to get so many lovely messages from friends all over the world. And also still scary to know that the cat is now out of the bag.


Another exciting development is that one of my besties had her baby this week! It’s her second and now she has two adorable little boys. I have several friends who have had babies in the past year or two or are pregnant now, and it is really fun to compare notes and get advice from one another.

This turned out to be a slightly nesting-themed week, with a fair amount of cooking and some shopping. Thursday was Thanksgiving and since Andy and I both had to work, we decided to have a Thanksgiving dinner at home on Friday night. This was actually really fun; it was like an at-home date night. I made myself a cranberry/sparkling water mocktail to try to feel fancy, and we had a festive salad (subbed feta for goat cheese for me), brussels sprouts, turkey breasts, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, followed by apple crumble for dessert.



On Saturday we went to Broadway Market, one of my favorite places in London, and went shopping for a gift for a friend’s baby. So much fun to look at baby socks and hats and toys and think about what would be both cute and useful. It’s really important to us to buy unique locally made items where possible, and avoid getting sucked into the mass commercialization of the baby industry. We got this adorable fox hat from Viv and Joe‘s stall, based right in Hackney.


We also made our own first baby-related purchases: artwork for the baby’s room. We want to do a theme of cities and animals, so these were perfect to start building our plans around.


We found these prints at a pop-up stall from East End Prints, and they seemed just perfect. For now, we also have some photos there in the middle that are prints of photos Andy has taken on our travels. Cities and travel are such an important part of our life and we want to teach the baby to love exploring, too.

We’re not going full-on nursery planning since we’re thinking of moving to another flat when our lease is up in June. For those first few months, the baby will likely sleep in a bassinet in our room at night, but the second bedroom will still be the baby’s room with his/her dresser, clothes, changing items, hopefully a glider for me to sit and nurse in, things like that (umm, and all my clothes, a lot of books, the vacuum cleaner and all sorts of things that currently live there and have nowhere else to go). I still want to start making the room baby-friendly even if not full-on nursery, and know that whatever we buy can be flexible to be used in a different flat as well.

Then on Saturday night we had another fun date night; for Andy’s birthday in April I had given him a voucher for a cooking course at The Cookery School, and we cashed it in for a knife skills course.


We’ve gotten into the habit of cooking more, especially on Sundays, and definitely need some training to be more efficient with chopping and dicing.


This course was really fun and educational, and I left with some good tips on how to better chop and prepare vegetables as well as meat and fish. There were nine of us in the course, and we finished the night grouped around a table, eating our creations: caramelized onion focaccia, minestrone soup with pesto, plaice with an anchovy/olive paste, beef burgers and for dessert, apple cake with sliced oranges in a Grand Marnier sauce (no booze in my version though).



It all involved lots of chopping of veggies and fruits and we even learned to filet a whole fish. This was a fun kind of date night and something I’m really glad we did.

Week 22 Summary

Baby Size

Spaghetti squash (this shocked me! I think spaghetti squash are pretty huge! How did it jump up to this size?)


  • Pressure in the lower abdomen – not painful per se, just aware of it – accompanied by a nonstop need to pee.
  • One night I woke up nauseous and I think it’s because I slept on my back too long, compressing the vena cava. I’m trying to sleep on my left more but I flip around during the night a lot so it’s hard to remember to stay in one position.


Feeling pretty good and happy to have a good amount of energy. Really excited to buy some artwork and start slowly shaping up how we want the baby’s room and things to look.


  • Runs: four run/walk interval sessions of 30-40 minutes each, ranging from 3 or 4  intervals of 8 minutes running/2 minutes walking, to my peak on Sunday of 3 sets of 12 minutes at a time; longest I’ve run in awhile and felt great at the time, though I was sore after.
  • Walks: not enough, really just one walk on Sunday besides my normal daily commuting.
  • Strength/Cross Train: one class at Boom Cycle which I love so much, and then one morning of light yoga at home. Just did not have the time to get to any yoga or pilates classes, but plan to do so next week.

Weight Gain

Haven’t weighed myself in a few days, but earlier this week I was still up 10 pounds. I suspect it might be a little more now and I can feel my belly looks and feels rounder, though I don’t think I look obviously pregnant yet. I’m okay on trousers for now and love my new maternity TopShop jeans and Isabella Oliver dresses, but really need some new longer tops.


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