Walking, Cooking and Baby-Holding: Week 23

This was a pretty good week! It was cold here in London but I got in a nice walk outside almost every day, even in the dark early mornings before work.


I stopped running this week; I mentioned in my post last week that I started feeling sore after running. I spoke with my GP about it and she said that it is just my ligaments stretching and the baby sitting low, and that it is perfectly safe to run. I’m glad to know it is safe but I just don’t want to be sore again like I was last Sunday, so I decided to lay off the running this week, at least. But getting in lots of walks felt good.


I also did a few strength classes, including a new one to me, Bumps at Frame, one of my favorite studios. This was a combination strength conditioning/cardio class for preggers, and I loved it. It was the first pregnancy class I’ve been to that actually felt like a real workout, but everything was designed to be safe for pregnant people. It was awesome and I’ll definitely be back.


While it varies from day to day, I’ve been surprised that I haven’t really gained more weight in the past two weeks or so, or seen a bigger bump yet. I know that I am exercising regularly, but most of this is walking and strength stuff, not nearly the amount of cardio I used to do when I was running anywhere from 20 to 40 miles a week. And I am definitely eating quite a bit; it’s pretty much my normal diet, and I’ve always eaten healthy but frequently (thanks marathon training and runger). So I have a healthy breakfast and lunch and dinner every day, and usually a snack in the morning or afternoon, if not both, plus most nights I have a snack before bed. I think I’ve been having more carbs lately too (like sandwiches instead of salads at lunch). I want to focus this week on more quality, dense, high-nutrient foods and see if that helps. I’ll also speak with my midwife about it. From looking at online growth charts, I’m still within the normal range for weight gain, just on the low end. So trying not to stress too much, and I know it will all even out. I still feel the baby moving every day which makes me so happy.

Proof: I got one of the legendary cinnamon buns from Nordic Bakery on Saturday. Had half right then and there and the other half at night at home. Amazing.

Sadly, Andy was away for a long weekend. I really missed him but tried to make the best of it on my own, doing lots of Kathy things like reading, cooking, hanging out with the cat and a bit of shopping. I made an excellent pasta and scallops dish on Friday night, and on Sunday made a lentil salad for lunch, whipped up more of my favorite cranberry sauce and a loaf of banana bread in the afternoon, and made a spicy squash/chickpea soup for dinner.





This is the second time I’ve made a loaf bread that has come out kind of dark and nearly burnt on the outside, but still a little underdone inside. I think it must be a problem with my oven temperature, too hot?

I also had the pleasure of having coffee with a friend and meeting her tiny baby son! Natalie and I got to know each other through Run Dem Crew and Chasing Lights, and she had her baby last month. It was so much fun to catch up with her, get the lowdown on birth and life as a new mum, and get some practice holding her adorable baby.


He slept most the time and I just could not believe how tiny and precious he was. It made me even more excited to hold my own little baby soon. So lovely.

It was also really nice to catch up with a friend from running who has gone through the same stuff I am going though. One of the reasons I am sad about no more running is missing out on all the social stuff with Run Dem and Chasing Lights. I want to stay involved and go to housekeeping this week (the pre-run meetings before the weekly runs start) to at least see people and stay involved. I probably need a new hobby too.


And at the same time, Andy was in NYC meeting some friends’ new babies too! So it was a baby-filled weekend for both of us.



Week 23 Summary

Baby Size



  • Lower back pain, nothing bad but sore at times
  • Breakouts on my jawline (not too happy about this)
  • Vague “morning sickness” feelings in the afternoons a few days this week
  • I was sneezing a ton and nervous I was getting a cold, but managed to stave it off with lots of vitamin C. I still don’t know if I’m out of the woods though.


  • Excited to hold a real live baby.
  • Equal parts excited and overwhelmed about all there is to think about for both birth plans and then, you know, the actual baby.
  • Slightly nervous about lack of weight gain/bump growth.
  • Sad about not running, but also at peace with it.


  • Runs: zero
  • Walks: got in six good walks! Including a walk home from work one night, and a nice long one on Sunday morning.
  • Strength/Cross Train: I did a short yoga video one morning, and went to one pilates class, one barre class and the one pregnancy fitness class. All great.

Weight Gain

I’ve fluctuated this week between 9, 10, 11 pounds total gain from baseline.


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