Lots of Kicking and Getting Ready for Christmas: Week 24

This was another full week. Started off with a Monday morning yoga video with the cat!


I had a midwife appointment on Tuesday and it went great; I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat and she measured my tummy. When I lay down on the table for the measurement, my belly looked visibly lopsided and we could see that the baby was all on the right side! It was really funny to see and I’d never seen that happen before. The baby was kicking a ton and then moved over and the bump evened out. I love feeling the baby move every day.

The midwife confirmed that my size is just fine and I am right on track with nothing to worry about which was a relief, as she reminded me everyone is totally different. She answered some of my other questions about the birthing centre at the hospital, preparing a birth plan and upcoming appointments and classes. Although I still don’t feel very big, I’m not worried about that at all anymore and someone at work this week actually commented that I look pregnant now, so I guess I really am showing.


One highlight of the week was Tuesday night with Run Dem Crew. I had been planning to stop by just to say hi to everyone at housekeeping before the run, but one of the group leaders recently completed a yoga teacher training and offered to lead a yoga session for anyone who wanted to do that instead of run. Perfect! This was exactly what I needed and the yoga session was excellent. Felt so good to stretch after a long day, and so good to practice yoga with friends and get to still be social with the group when I can’t run.

run dem yoga.png

Over the weekend, we spent some time doing Christmas-y things. I received an early Christmas present from my sibling Secret Santa, a gorgeous little necklace with a mama and baby elephant, and a wish bracelet. Lovely surprise and perfect for me; thanks Laurie!


On Saturday night, Andy and I went to see It’s A Wonderful Life on the big screen at the Prince Charles Cinema. They were giving out mulled wine and mince pies to every ticketholder which made it even more atmospheric. This is my favorite Christmas movie and it was so much fun to see it on the big screen and make a night of it with Andy. The movie sends such a great message about the importance of community and valuing relationships over money. In this tumultuous political year, I found it even more inspiring and uplifting than usual.

Then on Sunday, we did some walking around Stoke Newington, visiting a Christmas market, popping in and out of the little shops and walking around Abney Park cemetery.


I also bought a pointsettia plant, my favorite at Christmastime.


Later, Andy surprised me with a Christmas tree! We haven’t had one for years and I didn’t think we’d get one this year either. It was such a wonderful surprise! Smells so fresh!


I also had breakfast with a friend with a one-year-old, and it was lots of fun to catch up and we definitely talked a lot about both pregnancy and baby life. And now I’m rounding out the weekend with baking some Christmas cookies!

Week 24 Summary

Baby Size

Ear of corn


  • Pretty much the same as last week.


  • Really pleased that the midwife appointment went well.
  • Excited about Christmas and also overwhelmed with work, life, generally being busy and thinking about all baby stuff. Trying to breathe and do things one at a time to keep calm.


  • Walks: Lots of walking almost every day.
  • Strength/Cross Train: I did a short yoga video one morning, plus the Run Dem yoga session and I went to one pilates class, and on Saturday went to my new favorite, the pregnancy fitness class at Frame again. All felt great.

Weight Gain

No new gains in terms of pounds, but no longer worried about it.


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