Busy Days: Week 25

Busy week and I barely took any photos!


At the beginning of the week I was fighting off a cold, and generally the whole week was just a lot of running around coupled with both work + life stress. Really looking forward to our holiday in France next week.

I did make it to one pilates class on Monday, a spin class on Thursday and a yoga class on Friday. I’ve really been enjoying yoga and pilates and have done a bit of yoga on my own at home when I first get up in the morning. My lower back is increasingly sore, and I think/hope that yoga and stretching will help. I can tell that the extra weight in front causes me to arch my back, and I really need to find a way to stop or counteract that.

It was also a busy week for both Andy and I with work-related Christmas parties during the week, then a friend’s birthday party on the weekend. Really fun to be social with people but I have to say I’m a little over being the pregnant non-drinker all the time amidst all the merrymakers. It’s all worth it though. 🙂 Can’t wait to meet our little one.

Week 24 Summary

Baby Size

Rutabaga (hilarious)


Nothing too new or different: persistent gross taste in my mouth (holdover from the first trimester nausea), increasing lower back pain, general stretching and occasional discomfort as the abdomen continues to grow slowly but surely.


  • Very much looking forward to 10 days of relaxing in France over Christmas


  • Walks: Lots of walking most days
  • Strength/Cross Train: One pilates class, one yoga class, one spin class and some random ad hoc yoga at home.

Weight Gain

Gained a pound, so now I am up a total of 12 pounds.





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