Hiking, Yoga and Nurseries: Week 29

Things are moving right along this week (week of January 9), as we spent some time on practical things like visiting nurseries (day care centers) and researching things like prams, bassinets, baby bouncy seats, and gliders.  It’s all getting quite real.


On the nursery front, we visited two locations, one of which we really liked. Most accept babies at three months, six months or a year, much later than in the States since most women here get a long maternity leave. Since I only started my job in the UK recently, I am not eligible for a 10 or 12-month paid maternity leave, so I plan to take less time, for both financial and career reasons. I’m imagining a three- or four-month maternity leave, possibly with starting back at work part-time initially, but there are a lot of variables going into that. It is also common in the UK to use childminders, which are sort of like shared nannies, so that is another thing we need to research further. It was fun to see the daycares and evaluate what is important to us there, and gave us a lot to think about.

I went to a yoga session with Run Dem on Tuesday, always good for clearing the head. Sadly, I think my days of doing regular yoga classes are nearly over. I can’t keep going to Run Dem on Tuesdays because our prenatal classes start next week and they are also on Tuesdays. For normal yoga studio classes, I need to do at lot of modifications now with my growing belly, and it just makes me too self-conscious. I haven’t liked any prenatal yoga classes, but I do want to keep doing yoga at home at least.


On Saturday, Andy and I did a 10-mile country hike down in Surrey. The hiking was fabulous, and it is so important to me to get out in the country air and clear the head. It is also getting harder for me now with the growing belly, and it’s hard for me to recognize my physical limitations. This might have been my last hike for awhile….but I hope not.


To wrap up the week, I did some maternity clothes shopping on Sunday. I don’t want to buy much more, but I really do not have many tops that fit me well. I got a few long, stretchy tank tops on sale at the Gap which are great for layering under things, and I have had some luck at H&M Maternity and TopShop Materntiy, which is good since they are cheap, but I wish places made nicer, more professional maternity wear. Everything at H&M looks like loungewear, and everything at TopShop is either going-out party attire or loungewear.

Finally, we looked some more about baby gear, including some gushing over adorable newborn clothing, and took the big step of ordering a pram!

Week 29 Summary

Baby Size

Butternut squash


  • Extra-tired lately, especially in the evenings.
  • The baby bump is definitely getting in the way for things like leaning over, bending over, and walking uphill. It also feels really tight and heavy at times.
  • I get full really easily, and after I eat, I can feel the baby all up in my ribs, trying to find space. I need to try and eat smaller portions at a time, but more frequently. But I do love, love feeling (and seeing!) the baby move all the time.
  • Suddenly I am incredibly thirsty all the time, which is good since I spent much of the first and second trimesters not being thirsty at all, and having to force myself to remember to drink water.
  • Sleeping is getting a little more uncomfortable as I keep waking myself up to remind myself to sleep on the left side. I have resisted ordering a huge pillow because I don’t think there is room in our bed and I’m not sure I need it; improvising with a few regular pillows for now.


  • First wave of mommy guilt as we contemplate day cares
  • So happy to be out hiking in nature
  • Love seeing the adorable babies at the day care and looking at cute baby clothes
  • Struggling at times with all these changes in my life (not being able to do things physically, not being able to find clothes that fit) but knowing it is all temporary and more than worth it for our bebe on the way


  • Four walks of 30+ minutes
  • One day I combined two YouTube prenatal workout videos into a longer workout session.
  • Yoga with Run Dem Crew
  • Another 30-minute swim session; I tried the crawl but I really have terrible form. I need to get lessons to help with that, but for now, I think I’ll focus on breaststroke mostly.
  • One pilates class
  • 10+ mile hike

Weight Gain

Fluctuated a bit, ranging from 14-16 pounds up total





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