Week 30

This was a busy week in London and it went by fast. It was quite cold but clear and sunny most days.


Love the view from my office; the walk into work every morning along Embankment with the sunrise is definitely a nice way to start the day.

We started antenatal classes this week with the NCT, something that everyone in the UK has told us is worthwhile for both the education and meeting other pregsters. It is a six-week course on Tuesday nights (plus one Saturday session), led by a group leader in our neighborhood in her house. There are six other couples in our course who all live in the general neighborhood, and all due with their first baby within the same week or so that we are due. The first class went well; I like the other people, and it was great to talk with others trying to navigate the same things we are, although also a bit stressful to hear about some people who seem way ahead of us on baby prep, nursery registration and things like that. I’ve been so worried all along that something bad will happen that it’s taken me awhile to get in gear with finding daycares, buying furniture, etc.

We spent most of the first class getting to know each other, comparing notes and talking about what we want to get out of the course. I’m hoping next week we’ll do a little more solid learning, about both the actual birth process and what to expect there, as well as infant care. I feel like I’ve done a decent amount of reading on labor and birth but could absolutely use some assistance on how to take care of the baby once it is here!

For the weekend, Andy’s sister Lindsey came to visit from York, yay! It is really nice to have some family in relatively close proximity.


I started the weekend with a long walk at sunrise on Saturday morning to Shoreditch with Andy, where I went to my beloved pregnancy cardio/strength workout class at Frame.


And we had another visit to a nursery in Stoke Newington for an open house in the afternoon. Unfortunately we really did not like that nursery; the staff seemed really flaky and generally did not gel for us. I didn’t feel great in the afternoon and was super sore and tired for a few hours, but I’m fine.

On Saturday night we walked along Southbank with Lindsey and generally enjoyed London, ending with dinner at Franco Manca for pizza in Bermondsey.



On Sunday we also took a really long walk around the city, from our house to Angel for brunch at Belanger, then along the Regents Canal to Broadway Market, through London Fields and Hackney and Dalston with a stop at Violet for cupcakes, and eventually back home. It was cold but sunny and beautiful along the canal.


I definitely get more tired and stiff after long walks, but it feels good to at least do something. I certainly feel bigger and heavier with each passing day.

Baby Size

Either cabbage or butternut squash again


Extra-tired still and general soreness, but nothing too big a deal. Also hungry all the time.


Both upset and empowered by the political events of the week


  • Lots of walking, especially on the weekend
  • Three classes: a spin class, a Pilates class, and the Frame pregnancy strength/cardio class
  • One prenatal yoga/strength YouTube video

Weight Gain

Still up about 15 pounds total



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