Nursery Design and Nursing Course: Week 31

This was a good week with some good progress on baby prep (although apparently not full of photo-taking). Excitingly, our pram arrived (in the UK a stroller is referred to as a pram, buggy or pushchair, although I’m not entirely sure the difference among those).


We went with the Egg, designed in the UK. This was our first big baby purchase and probably the most important one, so we’re hoping we like it.

We had an antenatal class on Tuesday night, which went well; this class was focused on the labor and childbirth process, and we learned about the different stages of labor, when to call the midwife or go to the hospital, non-medical ways to relieve pain. The course is really focused on groupwork and getting us to talk to one another about what we think or know about the process, and then the instructor fills in the details and facts.

We put in an application at our top-choice nursery and we were told that baby coconut should have a place there come September, but there is no guarantee which is a bit confusing. We visited another nursery which is in a slightly better location than our top-choice, and we liked it but not quite as much.

On Saturday we had a breastfeeding class, as part of our antenatal NCT course, and this was really helpful. It was very practical and we learned loads about what to expect, from the first few hours through the first few weeks. The class was quite empowering and confidence-building, as we learned about how difficult it can be the first few days and how to persevere and work with the baby to learn to latch properly until you get into a good system. We also got to practice the correct hold, using dolls, which was also helpful. Poor Andy had a terrible bout of bronchitis this weekend but he came to the class despite feeling poorly, and I’m glad he got to learn about the breastfeeding process too.

On Saturday night we had tickets to the cinema to see T2: Trainspotting; definitely have to enjoy nights at the cinema while we still can!


I also spent some time researching and making lists of the things we want to buy and how we want to set up the nursery. If we can find another flat we like, we still might move in June, so not going to do a full-on nursery set up, but I do want it to look nice and organized. Unfortunately, landlords in the UK are extremely strict about what kinds of physical changes you can make as a renter. I’m not sure if we can paint, but I would like to, and our options for hanging up much on the walls is limited.

Regardless, I’m hoping we can get some coordinated, attractive nursery items. We’re trying to be choosy about what we bring into our limited space, and where possible, use things that are designed and made in the UK or Europe. I have a friend who recommended a ton of great London/UK-based designers and I created a Pinterest board to start saving the things I like. In terms of colors, I think like gray and white with pops of red, and we also like the idea of maps and cities, and wildlife, especially foxes, elephants, big cats. So, kind of broad!

Not the exact style I want to replicate, but this is loose “inspiration”

It’s a bit hard to tell what is really a “must-have” and since every baby (and parent) is different, I think it will just be a little bit of trial and error about what works for us. So we are trying to strike a balance between not buying too many things we don’t need, but also not being unprepared.

Finally, it’s been really empowering to see women (and men) rise up this week and protest the insane injustices that the US president is trying to institute. Whether we have a boy or a girl, I’m really excited to teach them about equal rights and social justice issues and raise them to be a good person in this world. I saw this Guardian article about #everydaysexism that infuriated me. A newborn onesie for a girl saying “I hate my thighs”? How sad and awful. I really hate it when people gender-stereotype kids and that is one of the reasons we are waiting to find out the sex. We will be over the moon whether the baby is a boy or a girl, and there’s no need to start the gender-stereotyping in utero!

Strong women boom

Week 30 Summary

Baby Size

Coconut! A fun one this week.


Hungry all the time!


  • Continue to be frustrated and scared by the evolving political events, but also hoping we can trust in our legal and democratic institutions.
  • But this is a baby blog – so I’ll say that I’m also really excited to meet the baby and so curious about what it will be like on the other side.
  • I’m also so worried about whether everything will be okay with the baby, so I just can’t wait until s/he is here.


  • One spin class; still loving Boom Cycle and glad I am still able to go
  • One prenatal strength/cardio You Tube video, and one prenatal yoga video
  • One swim session; I’m glad I have been trying swimming but it’s not my favorite sport
  • Only three long-ish walks; wish I had a bit more walking this week

Weight Gain

Still only 15 pounds; I can feel the baby move every day so I’m sure everything is fine, but I am worried that I’m not gaining more weight. Going to talk to the doctor about it. I’ve been trying to eat a lot, and also am cutting out coffee for the rest of the pregnancy. I was only having one small cup of coffee a day before, but now I’m cutting back to one cup of tea.


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