Highs and Lows: Week 32

I’m a week behind! I never got a chance to finish and post this for Week 32 (the week of 30th January). In writing this, I realized this week was really full of highs and lows.

High: the week started with a meeting at London City Hall and a pretty fabulous view.


High: I also had a doctor appointment (for whatever reason all my appointments have been with midwives at the hospital except this week send you to your normal neighborhood GP for a checkup). When I got there my doctor said, ‘You don’t look at all like you’re this far along!’ I told her I was a little worried that I hadn’t gained more or gotten much bigger, but we listened to the heartbeat and she measured me and felt all over my bump, and said there is nothing to worry about. She said everyone is different and there is no reason at all to be concerned.

That was a relief but I’ve decided to cut out coffee for the rest of pregnancy. Even though the guidelines say that up to 200mg of caffeine per day is fine, and I was only drinking one small cup a day, I’m worried about how caffeine can cause low birth rates. I know that is just relevant if you have excessive (like more than 400mg per day, or multiple strong cups of coffee) but I can’t help being worried. I am  having one cup of English tea each morning, which has about 40 mg of caffeine, just enough to stave off caffeine withdrawal headaches. I plan to start tapering off the tea too as the due date gets closer; I don’t want the baby born addicted to caffeine (is that possible?). Besides, I suppose it is better for me to not be addicted anyway, as much as I love coffee. I’ve reached the point of pregnancy where now I am second-guessing everything I’ve done and becoming terrified I’ve somehow hurt the baby. 😦

But how pregnant I look really varies from day to day, and especially depends on what I am wearing. Later that week I wore this maternity dress and it definitely makes me look pretty big:

Don’t mind the messy bed; this room is a work in progress.

High: In other news, I completed my 30-day meditation challenge and really enjoyed the opportunity to breathe and relax every night. There were some nights I didn’t want to do it, but I always found it a helpful way to calm down and just breathe. I’m continuing this month with a new meditation app and have started listening to some hypnobirthing meditation tracks as well.

Low: Despite the relaxation techniques I had three awful nightmares about neglecting the baby this week. In one, I left the baby in the back of a hot car and forgot. When I came back the baby was fine but really hot and I was horrified. We don’t have a car nor live in a hot climate. My second dream involved forgetting to feed the baby after s/he was born, and the third involved forgetting I was pregnant and drinking a margarita and then having a miscarriage scare. They sound silly now and I know they are just dreams but at the time were all completely horrifying and shook me up a lot. 😦

High: Aunt Lindsey sent us this fantastic onesie! I love it so much for so many reasons. Thanks Linz!


High: On Friday night Andy and I went to the theatre! For Christmas, Andy gave me tickets to see Matilda and this was the night. We started with some small plates at Frenchie before going to the show. It was so much fun to go to the theatre, and the show really impressed me. I loved this book as a kid and really enjoyed the stage performance, especially all the kids in the show. The girl who played Matilda was incredible.


Low: Our cat got really sick this week and we ended up at the animal hospital with her on the weekend, where she had to get a blood transfusion for severe anemia. She’s had anemia in the past but we thought the problems were solved. Apparently not, and she is home now but still not doing very well. 😦

Poor Leyva. She loves doing yoga with me.

Week 32 Summary

Baby Size

Either a head of Romaine lettuce or a large jicama. We’re sticking with coconut.


  • My abs and entire stomach area felt sore a few days, not like round ligament pain which I’ve felt in the past, but more like I can feel my entire abdominal wall stretching and separating. Eeesh.
  • Really tired, like a new level of exhaustion. I don’t think it’s just the lack of caffeine, but overall just completely weary at the end of the day, and too tired to get out of bed in the morning.


  • One spin class; I love Boom Cycle but I think this was probably my last. I felt good during class but I was generally just so tired this week that getting up really early in the dark and cold to get to a 6:30am class is just starting to feel too much. After class, I felt so tired and my walk to work took forever. Maybe it’s time to put these classes on pause, as much as I love them.
  • On a more positive note, after swearing off prenatal yoga I decided to give it one more shot since I’ve been investigating yoga poses that will help with childbirth and I thought maybe I would find prenatal yoga more valuable now that I’m further along. I went to Stretch, one of my favourite studios in London, and finally, I found a prenatal class that I like. It was just the right blend of active and calming. I will definitely be back.
  • One Bumps class at Frame; I really like this class and intend to keep going as long as I can. A friend from my prenatal class joined me this week.
  • Several long walks.

Weight Gain

Up about 16 pounds now.






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