Week 33

This was quite a busy week with work and I ended up working much of the weekend, so I don’t have a ton of exciting news. It’s crazy to think that in seven or so weeks, I won’t be working. I really can’t imagine what that will be like.

One exciting new development is that Baby Coconut now has a place to sleep! Thanks to my mother-in-law Jill for sending us this co-sleeper crib.


The NHS recommends putting your baby to sleep in the same room as you, but not in the same bed, for the first six months. Many people use a Moses basket next to their bed but we liked the idea of this co-sleeper better, since it can attach right to your bed, making breastfeeding easier, and the baby can sleep there or separately in the crib as a standalone.

We also got the Sleepyhead pod which fits inside the co-sleeper; we’ve heard great things about how it helps babies sleep. Andy did a ton of work rearranging our furniture and we are getting rid of our extra bed next week, so pretty soon we should be able to start to get the nursery more organised. He also ordered a car seat so they baby can come home from the hospital safely.


In other practical matters, I’ve been listening to the Birthful Podcast on my commute to work on the recommendation of a friend, and finding it really informative. I’ve heard a lot of great episodes about managing pain during labor, breastfeeding techniques and what to expect those first few weeks.

This week’s antenatal class was pretty helpful, focused on preparing for labour and the first day or two with the baby. It’s a lot of information to absorb and you can’t plan everything, but I like preparing myself with the facts and then knowing that there is plenty we’ll just have to learn as we go. I like that the instructor focuses on non-medical techniques and has showed us some yoga positions to manage pain, and I also practiced some acupressure and yoga positions on my own that are supposed to be helpful in managing contractions.

Week 33 Summary

Baby Size

Pineapple. Still calling it Baby Coconut though.


  • Really nothing new. I had one day where I didn’t notice the baby moving very much and got scared, but then it kicked right back into action and has been moving a ton the rest of the week.


Not too many this week, mainly because I was pretty busy. I tried twice to get to prenatal yoga classes but work got in the way.

  • One cardio/strength video
  • One prenatal yoga video
  • One Bumps class at Frame
  • A few longish walks

Weight Gain

Still up about 16 pounds.


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