Week 34: A Baby-Filled Week

This was a fairly eventful week in baby world.


We had our prenatal class on Tuesday night, where we learned a lot about Ceasarean sections and other medical interventions that may be necessary, including both the forceps and ventouse. I thought both of those methods were out of practice generally, but apparently not. It was a sobering class but good to know what all the potential scenarios are to be prepared.

Did some light yoga and stretching to help with back pain; Leyva loves it when I do yoga

On Wednesday we had another nursery visit. This one is in an ideal location, just a few blocks from our house, but we’re not sure if it is the right place for us. It has very high ratings and uses the Montessori style, which I thought I would like. But after seeing the nursery we are a little on the fence and I’m not sure we want to commit to that style of teaching kids.

Went for a long walk in Clissold Park on Friday morning before work

On Friday afternoon I had my 34-week midwife appointment at the hospital, for the standard check-up. The midwife and her student assistant were very kind and easy to talk to, as all the midwives have been, but I had a bit of a scare when the student couldn’t find the baby’s heartbeat! The midwife had stepped out of the room to send for my bloodwork and that was the longest minute of my life while the student hunted for the heartbeat. I couldn’t help but start crying as horrible scenarios flashed through my head. I had just felt the baby move that morning and the student assured me there was nothing to worry about, but it was awful.

Then the midwife came back in and she was able to find the heartbeat and I was able to finally relax, but was still shaken up. I’ve been so worried about something going wrong. They measured me and the bump is 32 centimetres, a little small, and so the midwife said she would send me for an ultrasound on Monday. Usually the NHS does not do ultrasounds after 20 weeks unless there is a problem, so I was really worried that something might be wrong, but she was very reassuring and I was also glad that I would get to have a scan to check everything out. Part of my wonders if the midwife sent me for the ultrasound because she could see how scared I was.

Upon leaving the hospital I ran into a friend from my antenatal class and it was so nice to see someone friendly when I was feeling shook up! Andy and I worried over the weekend but – spoiler alert – we had the scan on Monday, the start of week 35, and everything was totally fine. Nothing at all to worry about. Whew. I’m really grateful I got to have the extra scan and it so nice to have that reassurance now – more on that in next week’s post.

On Friday night, we had dinner reservations at another restaurant we’ve been dying to try, that we knew would not be baby-friendly: Petits Pois, a French restaurant in Hoxton. This is a charming little restaurant and we loved our meal; the one bummer is that the waiter wouldn’t let me have their famous chocolate mousse because it has raw eggs. Raw or runny eggs are supposed to be fine in the UK, but I didn’t feel like I could argue with him and since I don’t know the source of his eggs, I let it go. Maybe we’ll make a post-baby return after all!

On Saturday we were back at the hospital yet again for the hospital’s antenatal class; we were afraid this would be overkill with the NCT classes we are already doing, but thought it would be a good chance to see the actual birthing centre and everything. Unfortunately, because of a flu outbreak they are not letting visitors tour the birthing centre, so that was a bummer. But we did get to see the intake area where we go when we arrive and get some questions answered about overall hospital practices on various things, so it was worth it, though it was a long day.


Sunday was a fairly social day; I had breakfast with my friend Natalie and her four-month-old, then we had lunch with friends who live in the neighborhood and are expecting a baby in June. On the way home, we stopped at a bookstore and bought a few children’s books to start the Coconut off right:


So a very baby-filled weekend! We both needed a break from baby conversation topics by the end of the week!

Week 34 Summary

Baby Size

Cantaloupe. Still calling it Baby Coconut though.


  • Heartburn/acid reflux/generally feeling really full after eating just a small amount of food.
  • Started to feel the first pangs of what I think are Braxton-Hicks contractions.


The week started off slow on workouts because I was extra-busy with work stuff the first few days, but then on Wednesday I made it to prenatal yoga which was exactly what I needed. I went for long walks every day after Wednesday but no time for any other workouts, sadly.

Weight Gain

Hovered around 16 or 17 pounds so pretty much the same.


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