Week 39: Nearly There!

This was a really good week. It was my last week at work and I mentioned that I was planning a big event for Tuesday which was a milestone I wanted to get to see through. I was afraid of going into labour before Tuesday (or worse, having my waters break during the event!) but none of that happened and everything went well. I was exhausted after but felt great about it.

On Wednesday we had a team lunch and my team surprised me with cake, flowers, chocolate, a stuffed animal for Coconut, a card and a gift card! It was all so lovely and completely unexpected. I was totally, totally shocked. I really did not expect anything. I’ve only been there six months and this was so incredibly sweet.


The rest of the week was spent wrapping up and handing things off; it was all a bit stressful and I hope I left it all in a good place. The plan is for me to come back in six months, and I know that time will absolutely fly by, and I’m lucky to have that much time off compared to my American friends. When I left the office on Friday afternoon though, I was nearly about to tear up. I was really lucky there; it was a great job with interesting work and a great boss. I know things will be different when I return, and that’s fine. It’s just that work has always been important to me, and I can’t imagine what it will be like to just not be working. I’m worried about being lonely and isolated and missing adult conversation, but I’ll be fine. Change is hard, and I am so excited for the next chapter with Coconut.

Here is a bump photo from the end of Week 39, my last day of work actually. While I haven’t gained any more pounds in the last few weeks according to the scale, I think my bump is looking and feeling bigger every week. The baby is moving all the time and at times the movements are starting to feel painful, as s/he tries to find a comfortable spot in there. There is no more room at the inn!


On Saturday morning I had a midwife appointment at the hospital and the midwife this time was really lovely. She measured the bump (37 centimetres, still small but fine), we heard the heartbeat, and she felt around the bump. The baby is still head down and has started to engage! That doesn’t mean labour is necessarily imminent, but it is a good sign and means that baby is getting in the correct position for birth. Great news. I read that lots of walking can help the baby get into a good position, and I certainly have been doing that. We talked through my birth plan and she explained what to do and when to call the hospital in various scenarios.

We basically had the rest of the weekend free since making plans now is kind of silly. It was nice and sunny both days, and we spent Saturday going for a long walk around the city, including some time in Regents Park, a Thai lunch at Kiln in SoHo and some shopping; I needed new trainers (sneakers) and other odds and ends, and it felt good to get miscellaneous things crossed off the list. We ended the night at home with dinner and a movie on the sofa.

Sunday was an even nicer day, sunny and vaguely warm, so we went for brunch and a long walk, and then spent some time cleaning the flat inside and out. I planted flowers in our window box and Andy trimmed the overground hedges, and it felt great to have the house looking nice and ready for spring. Then we went and sat outside our local pub in the sunshine, reading the paper and enjoying life. A nice weekend for what might be our final one as just us!



I’m actually writing this now on my due date, Monday the 27th of March. I can’t believe I’ve made it until now! It feels so long ago that our little one was just a sesame seed and I was out in California the week I found out, my mind whirling with this new reality. So much has happened since then. Every Monday I’ve been counting down the weeks (plus one extra week since Week 11) and now here we are, finally at Week 40. I can’t believe it. I am so glad the baby didn’t come early, and so glad to have finished out work.

Today, being at home, not working, not sick, feels completely, completely strange. I don’t really have any signs of labour being imminent, and I don’t know if that means anything or not, but I do know my body pretty well and I feel like I would *know* when it is getting close. I have read about how being stressed or uptight can delay labour, and that increased relaxation creates oxytocin, signaling to the body that it is time. I do believe in the mind-body connection and I wonder whether now being off work and feeling more “ready” to have the baby will make labour more likely to happen this week.

I wouldn’t mind a few more days at home to do things like get a haircut, do some laundry, that kind of thing, but I don’t want to go so long that I have to be induced. Any time near the end of this week would be perfect – but it very well could be next week. Can’t wait to meet baby Coconut!

Week 39 Summary

 Baby Size

Watermelon! Oof.


  • Very thirsty
  • Pretty hungry a lot (even woke up in the middle of the night hungry twice) although once I eat, I feel uncomfortably full for a long time after.
  • Lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions, which basically feels like a tightening in my abdomen (but not painful) and often paired with tightness in my chest. The shortness of breath is worst when laying down, even on my side.
  • Really tired at night but then I keep waking up in the middle of the night and early morning and can’t sleep; several times this was with my mind racing over work stuff in the final week. I hope that will calm down now.


  • I only had time for one workout video this week, plus a few early morning and evening short yoga sessions on my own.
  • But I did lots of walking, nearly every day, plus a lot of house and yard work on Sunday.

Weight Gain

Still holding steady at 18 pounds total.


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