It’s a Girl!

We are absolutely thrilled to share the news that our baby girl was born on Monday the 3rd of April at 3pm GMT, one week after her estimated due date.  Her name is Elodie Catherine, and she’s a tiny peanut at 5lb 9oz and 48 centimetres long.  She is very healthy with a good appetite and big, bright eyes. She is absolutely perfect.
Elodie was born at University College London Hospital , after just two hours in the hospital (but lots of time in labor at home!).  We had a wonderfully healthy and natural birth experience guided by our NHS midwife (birth story to come!).
We chose the name Elodie (ELL-oh-dee) because we thought it was unique but also simple, strong, musical and charming.  There is a long line of Catherines (and variations) on Kathy’s side of the family… but this will almost certainly be the first Elodie on either side!
We’ve had a wonderful 10 days getting to know each other, slowing down our pace and learning a lot about the world and each other.  We’re all exhausted but doing well and completely in love!

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