Week Two with Elodie

On Easter Monday we took our first longer excursion from the house, walking over to Dalston to meet Andy’s sister Lindsey (visiting from York) and have lunch. I was excited to venture slightly further from home (just about a mile away) but it was a bit stressful when Elodie became fussy. Each time we venture out of the house it’s a good lesson for us and helps us gain more confidence. Our pub lunch was fun, I was able to feed her there, and even changed her in the pub bathroom (first time using a public changing table – don’t love that). It was fun to see Aunt Lindsey again!


We struggled a bit that week with Elodie being quite windy, and there was one night of projectile spit-up which was quite scary. We started using Infacol to help with the gas but who knows if that is helping or not. I wasn’t happy about giving her something besides breastmilk but it’s supposed to be very safe.


On the bright side, she also began to coo and giggle and smile and be really active this week. Elodie was really alert and bright-eyed from birth, and we know they say babies don’t smile this early but we are definitely getting reactions from her when we dance and sing and talk to her. She loves tummy time and we do it every morning and every night.


On Wednesday Andy went back to work which I was really dreading. However we managed better than I expected. That afternoon we had a follow-up midwife appointment and it went really well; the community midwife was lovely and I was excited to learn that Elodie has gained weight and is now 6 pounds, 7 ounces! We took a nice walk through Highbury Fields and to Upper Street to buy Andy’s birthday presents. This ended up being kind of a tiring adventure for both of us, and I stopped to feed Elodie on a park bench, something I’ve come to use as my go-to public breastfeeding spot. I feel strongly that breastfeeding should not be something taboo or hidden; it is completely natural, and I need to feed my child whenever she needs it. But it’s still a bit stressful to get used to doing it in public in these early days.


We had another outing the next day to meet up with the other new mums I know from the NCT class, which involved our first trip on the bus. We had a very exciting weekend with more visitors, Grandma Jill and Aunt Laurie (Andy’s mom and sister). Yay! We spend the weekend doing fun walks around Clissold Park, dinner out on Friday night and then a big day for Andy’s birthday on Saturday, with lunch at Smokehouse and then a big adventure down into central London, walking around St. Paul’s, over Millennium Bridge and around the Tate Modern and Southbank.




This was really fun and I enjoyed being out, but it was also a bit stressful with the crowds at times. On Sunday night, we stayed in and cooked dinner at our flat, and spent the evening playing with Elodie and dancing her around to the Beatles, which was a really fun and cozy night in.


We’re still learning every day!


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