Week Three with Elodie

Some highlights from this week (week of 24 April):

Elodie was three weeks old on Monday

On Monday, Andy took the day off since his mom and sister were visiting and we rented a car and drove out to the Cotswolds for the day. Elodie’s first time outside of London!


The day was a bit rainy but it was fun to be out and exploring all the adorable Cotswold villages.


It was a long day but Elodie was a champ; she was fussy at times but the movement of the car helped, as did being in the wrap. It was tough when I couldn’t pick her up and hold her in the car, but massaging her tummy and holding her tiny hands seemed to help. Touch is so powerful.

The next day we had a relaxing day of walking around our neighbourhood and saying a sad goodbye to Aunt Laurie.


Later in the week we had some episodes of cluster-feeding and fussiness, but dancing with her, holding her and breastfeeding all help. I had to remind myself that you cannot spoil a newborn by holding them too much, and you cannot overfeed a breastfed baby – it’s what they need.


On Thursday I had a coffee date with some friends from my NCT class, and on Friday I went to a local La Leche League meeting which I loved! It is really important to get out and connect with other mums, and the LLL meeting was really empowering, reminding me of how important and valuable breastfeeding is and reassuring me that these early weeks are very tough for everyone.

Over the weekend we sadly said goodbye to Grandma Jill, but did get to see Aunt Lindsey more.


We got Elodie’s birth certificate, very exciting! She also began to hold her head up on her own during tummy time!


We rounded out the weekend with a trip to Dishoom in Shoreditch for breakfast, which was Elodie’s first trip on the Overground, a visit from friends in the afternoon and dinner with Lindsey at the Snooty Fox.


By then Elodie was starting to lose it and we took our girl home after a very eventful week!



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