One Month Old!

(week four/week of 1 May)

This was a big week for Elodie (aren’t they all at this age though?)

four weeks.jpg
Four weeks old as of Monday

On Tuesday we took her down to the US Embassy to register her birth abroad and apply for her Social Security number and passport. She was proclaimed the world’s newest US citizen, very exciting!


We also took our first Underground ride which was exciting, and it was so lovely and refreshing to be in Mayfair on a beautiful morning. 

And Wednesday was her one month birthday! Exciting but also quite sad for me. Her “tiny” size baby clothes are getting tight.

one month.jpg
One month old on May 3

She is also losing her hair which makes me sad. But it is good to see her grow and thrive, and I’m proud that she is all fed via me.

2 days and 1 month.jpg
The scale isn’t exactly the same in these photos, but look how much she grew from two days old to one month!

Much of the week was quite stressful though, with lots of crying and windiness and colic. We’ve tried gripe water, the “Windi” device (scary) and Infacol, with varying results – the gripe water helped get some big burps out but I don’t like giving her anything besides breastmilk. She really only sleeps in the wrap during the day, or sitting up in my hand, which is adorable but exhausting for me because then I can’t sleep when she does.


Later in the week I met a friend with a toddler for a coffee and a walk, and then met some of my NCT friends for coffee. Elodie was pretty relaxed for both of these events, sleeping well in her pram as we walked, which was a breakthrough. It is so nice to see and chat with other mums, and I think it’s important to keep that up.

On Saturday we had a reunion of all six of the NCT couples with babies, which was really fun and hilarious/surreal to reunite us all, with babies in tow. Otherwise we had a relatively quiet weekend, spending Saturday night at home but venturing out on Sunday for lunch and exploring Kentish Town. We are flat-hunting and considering other neighbourhoods in London, although we want to stay in our neighbourhood if we can.


Elodie enjoys being in the carrier with daddy, and each week, we are getting a little more confident with taking her out and about, as we come to know her needs and patterns better and better.


I can’t get over how adorable she is. I love watching her feed, watching her sleep, stroking her hair and her back. These days are so precious and will go so fast.



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