Week Eight

We started off this week with the Bank Holiday Monday, so we got to see Lindsey for brunch and spend more time with Andy’s dad and Becky on Monday, and on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, before they left on Wednesday. It was so great to see them and we were so sad to see them go!

eight weeks
Eight week fox photo



On Tuesday Elodie had her first round of vaccinations – scary stuff! She was happy until the needles went in and then screamed of course – who wouldn’t?! But she did great and I fed her right after. She was rather clingy and fussy and gassy for the next two days, and we both hated the Calpol (infant paracetemol) but I cleared our diary and just spent a lot of time holding her and feeding her. Poor thing. We had a few rough nights but by the end of the week things cleared up.

vaccine day

We had a fun week of activities once she felt better: she now likes to imitate me raising my arms, and she enjoys playing games with her mobile. I learned a trick in this Baby Minds book that my friend Carrie sent me (this is an awesome book with lots of great info about how babies minds work and how you can help them learn) to tie one end of a ribbon around her foot and another end around a toy on her mobile, to help her learn how moving her foot can make the toys move.


Fun! I love watching her learn and play.

She also rolled over several times! We’ve been doing tummy time with her from the beginning and she loves it. I also feel good that overall I’ve been getting better at learning and anticipating her needs, and planning how to get things done in snippets in between playing with her, feeding her, holding her and helping her fall asleep. I don’t feel like it’s quite the fog of constant crying like it was a few weeks back.


I went to my first workout class, a post-natal HIIT class for mums and babies at Frame. Unfortunately they don’t really incorporate the baby into the class liked I expected; most the other mums just park their babies next to them in their buggies. Elodie won’t stand for a buggy so I brought her in her carrier, and set her up on blankets, surrounded by pillows.


I fully expected her to cry and want to feed or be held the whole time, and didn’t think I’d really get much of a workout myself. But I had credits about to expire so I figured I’d give it a go. To my surprise, she loved the class! She spent the whole hour watching me workout and kept lifting her arms and kicking her legs like she wanted to join in! It was adorable. She really loves just seeing new things. The instructor and other mums were really nice too, and it was a great workout – I was quite sore after, which felt amazing.

On Saturday, we celebrated her two-month birthday! (Please stop growing up, Elodie.)

two months.jpg
Two month fox photo

This was possibly one of the best days of my life, certainly one of the best since Elodie was born. We had a good night’s sleep and I woke up feeling a million times better. She was in a good mood and we had a fun morning of playing and coffee and breakfast at home, and I got to pump and do a short yoga video while Andy played with her.

We got perfect beautiful weather and went to lunch at The Bull & Last, one of our new favourite places, and it was so so good and she slept the whole time in the carrier.

We shared a starter of English asparagus, crispy hen’s egg, parmesan custard and sorrel, and then for mains Andy had the beef tartare and I had the sea trout with cucumber, kohlrabi, tahini, cauliflower and fried prawn. We shared the sticky toffee pudding and a piece of goats cheese (Tymsboro, I believe) for dessert – all was absolutely amazing.

After, we walked across Hampstead Heath and played with Elodie in the grass.


Eventually we made our way home, stopping at a pub along the way to sit outside and read in the long summer evening. I mostly fed Elodie then though, but it was fine. She was happy most the day and all in all it was just such a good day with the three of us.



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