Weeks 9 and 10 with Elodie

Here are some highlights from Elodie from the past few weeks:

Nine weeks old

When Elodie turned nine weeks old (5th June),  we went to the Conewood Street Children’s Centre for a health check and weigh in. The system of children’s centres in the UK is cool; I don’t know of any equivalent in the US, but basically every neighborhood seems to have a children’s centre where they do activities for children of various ages, run a nursery (day care) and have regular walk-in health clinics and midwife appointments. I went there for my two-week post-partum midwife appointment, and every Monday you can go to have your child weighed and meet with a “health visitor” about any concerns. A health visitor is a community-based professional, trained as a midwife or nurse with additional training in child health development. I like this system; it makes sense to not tie up doctor’s offices with weighings and it is good to meet with someone focused on babies, early childhood and post-partum issues. The health visitor I met with that day was so nice and spent more time with us than any doctor ever has.


Elodie is perfectly healthy and weighed in at 4.42 kg or 9 lb, 12 oz! She has jumped from 2nd to 9th percentile which is great (I had no idea she was in the 2nd percentile at birth, and glad I didn’t know or I would have just worried!). I walked away with free vitamins for both of us and a timetable of upcoming activities at the centre.

Later that week I went back to the centre for a group for babies up to 8 months old. We met in the sensory room, which is a darkened room with all sorts of colored lights, toys and soft music playing. Elodie loved it! It was an unstructured group with just a few other mums and babies there but it was fun to meet other people and chat a bit, and I loved the sensory room.


Another day, I tried out a baby massage class, and really liked it! It’s not quite as pretentious as it sounds: it was a small group setting, and we undressed the babies (including the nappies!) and sang songs, did baby massage and dancing. Elodie enjoyed it but also wanted to feed and a cuddle a lot during the class. She also chattered the whole time! I guess she found it all very stimulating and didn’t quite get the memo about how massage = chill out! But it was really cute. 🙂 I liked the instructor a lot and definitely will return. 

Our biggest event of the past few weeks was our first weekend away with Elodie! We went up to Yorkshire for a few days which was great! I plan to write a separate post about our trip.


Last weekend, back in London, we had a fun Saturday with friends, going to brunch then a pub in the afternoon. I barely took any photos but it was a great day of catching up with friends and playing with Elodie. She was so happy and playful; she loves being out and about, seeing new people and having lots of people willing to hold her. She loves the stimulation!


And Sunday was Andy’s first Father’s Day! I made a rhubarb-strawberry pie on Friday afternoon (this took half the day, as I would get partway through the process, then stop to play with Elodie, then partway through and then feed, then partway through and then a nappy change, repeat). I was pleased with the outcome since pie dough really intimidates me.


On Sunday I made smoothies and breakfast and Andy opened presents from Elodie and I in morning, and we had a picnic in Clissold Park in the afternoon.

Thanks Aunt Laurie for the onesie!

We are so so lucky to have such a wonderful daddy for Elodie!



Other developmental highlights of the past two weeks:

  • Elodie has rolled over a bunch of times now, like it’s no big deal anymore! She loves tummy time and tries so hard to move on the ground.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 08.54.06.png

  • Elodie has started to eat for longer stretches at a time these days, like 20-30 or even 40 minutes at a time. While sometimes this makes it difficult to plan when we can leave the house, I like that she can go longer stretches of 3-4 hours in between eating. We had one night and day of very long cluster feeding, and a few days later I noticed all her newborn clothes were getting too tight. Must have been a growth spurt!
  • We have had lots of fun play time at home, with lots of chatter and playing with her toys and books. I love our little conversations and I love watching her grab at her toys.


  • On rainy days when we are stuck at home, I can tell she is much more bored; she loves the stimulation of being out and about. (Just like me!)
  • She has been blowing bubbles, drooling and playing with her mouth a lot (and gnawing on her toys).
  • Her current sleep record is 6.5 hours straight, the night we got home from York!
  • Still won’t take a bottle.
  • Tried out the  buggy again for first time in a month but she still hates it – she wants to see out.
  • I really love breastfeeding and I am so grateful we’ve been able to do it. I’ll be sad when it ends.

This is a good stage to be in – I feel more settled, as she has become calmer and less prone to massive crying fits. I think it’s a combination of her outgrowing the colic, her digestive system maturing, and me being able to understand and anticipate her needs better.


She is so incredibly cute that I can’t stand it. So tiny and lovable!











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