Weekend in Yorkshire

As I mentioned in my last post, we spent the weekend of June 10th, when Elodie was 9/10 weeks old, in Yorkshire, our first weekend away and the furthest that Elodie has ever been from London!


We debated hiring a car but ended up doing the entire trip via trains and buses. Since Elodie won’t go in the buggy we didn’t bother to bring it, and didn’t need the car seat either. I carried her in the Boba carrier on my chest, plus had my purse/nappy bag over my shoulder and I carried her Sleepyhead pod for her to sleep in, then Andy brought his bag plus one big suitcase that all three of us shared.

Figuring how to pack for all three of us was quite stressful! I didn’t want to get up there without enough clothes or nappies or muslins for her, and while we could always buy stuff, I’d rather not waste money. Naturally, we ended up with more of everything than we needed, but better than running out!

On Saturday morning, we had an early morning departure for York but it all went well. We took the Overground to the tube to Kings Cross, had time to pick up coffee and breakfast at the station, and the two-hour train journey north went well. I fed her once on the train and while she mostly was awake and wanted to be held out of the carrier, all was good.



Upon arrival to York, we checked into the Hampton Inn and though our room wasn’t ready, the staff told us to help ourselves to the continental breakfast. Compared to US hotels, this one put out quite an impressive spread. We took turns holding Elodie and getting coffee and a second breakfast, and I was ridiculously happy to have five minutes there just to sit and read and have breakfast while Andy walked around with Elodie. Just having those few minutes to myself, where I knew she was safe and cared for, was just such a simple pleasure. A few moments alone after a long week made such a world of difference.

We met up with Lindsey and toured York Minster, which was beautiful and had a really interesting exhibit about the construction and restoration of the building.


It felt really good to be in a new place, exploring a new city. York is beautiful and a nice size city for walking around. Elodie mostly slept calmly in the carrier while we walked around and later had a street food lunch and drink in a pub.


After a rest in the afternoon at the hotel, we walked along the top of the medieval city wall and around museum gardens which was gorgeous, and I fed Elodie on a bench there which was very comfortable.



We had a pub dinner, at which Elodie got a little fussy near the end, and said goodbye to Lindsey. It was great to see Lindsey, have her tour us around, and see her get lots of quality time with Elodie!


Going to bed that night in the hotel started out rough, with quite a bit of crying. The hotel provided a travel cot (like this), but we ended up having Elodie in her Sleepyhead on the bed next to me, and poor Andy crunched up on the little sofa in the room.


The next morning at breakfast, the hotel staff provided a little high chair for Elodie! I thought she’d be way too small for it but she actually seemed to like it! So funny.


We had a long journey of two trains and a bus to Malham in the Yorkshire Dales. Elodie was great and mostly slept the whole time to our surprise and relief. Near the end of the bus ride she woke up hungry, and I couldn’t blame her, as she had already lasted a long time. We arrived in the tiny quaint village and walked into our inn, The Lister Arms, with her screaming her head off as everyone enjoyed a quiet Sunday lunch. It was quite the entrance!


Once we got into our room and I fed her, she was fine. We went downstairs and had lunch at the pub sitting by the fire, which was so cozy and relaxed (the food was pretty awful though, and that would be consistent throughout the trip).

After lunch we hiked up to see the Malham Cove.


On the way we had a major crying episode which was quite stressful. We were walking by a cow pasture and all the cows came to watch, looking concerned, and I felt like they were all judging me as a terrible mother. 😦


I did a ton of squats (as the rhythm of squats and lunges often soothes Elodie to sleep) and just as we turned around to abandon the hike, she fell asleep.

The scenery was so unbelievably picturesque, and I felt like we were in a fairy tale the whole time.



After our walk we checked out the other inn in town, The Buck Inn, which was nice as well, then later had dinner at our inn. Elodie needed to be held, bounced, walked around a lot, but so many people commented on how pretty she is. Everyone we met was really kind. 🙂

On Monday morning we had the complimentary breakfast at the inn and set out for a longer walk in the country.


It was a bit rainy and really windy and hilly at first and we were stressed about whether this was a good idea.


Elodie was fine though and slept on me in the carrier the whole time, so we eventually relaxed.


The views were absolutely gorgeous and I really felt like we were in a storybook.


The hike was shorter than what we would normally do but of course we need to take it easy with the little one and not get caught someplace too far or remote with her, and I found carrying her quite tiring after awhile anyway.

When we returned to the inn in the afternoon, we had a nice relaxing time reading and taking turns holding her and walking around.


It worked out really well that whenever I needed to change her or feed her I could just walk upstairs to our room. It was really nice and relaxing to just have this quiet time together with nothing to do but read and talk and explore the tiny village and grounds of the inn.

On our last morning, we had time for a short hike to a nearby waterfall, Janet’s Foss.


I’m so glad we fit this in because it was a really pretty walk through the woods to the waterfall, and then we were rewarded with nice views above Malhamdale for the walk back, as well.



That afternoon we had a journey of a bus and two trains back to York, but again Elodie traveled well. Happily, we had about an hour to kill in York before our train back to London, so Lindsey was able to come meet us again!


We hung out at the train station and then had an easy train ride back to London. 

It was so fun to be away and see somewhere new after being in London for three months solid. It was also so nice to have four days straight with Andy, for him to get more bonding time with Elodie and for us to take turns holding her, playing with her and soothing her, giving each other breaks to read and relax too.

Also, I feel good now that we’ve gotten the first overnight travel out of the way and feel (slightly) more confident that we know what to pack and how to handle the travel logistics with a baby!


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