Three Month Update

Here are some highlights from the past few weeks with Elodie! This is a bit long so I’m breaking it into a few posts, with this first post summing up our general day-to-day life and developments.


Three Months Old!


Last Monday, 3 July, she turned three months old! It makes me sad to think she’s not technically a newborn anymore. To me, she is still my tiny baby but she is growing and changing fast!


On her three month birthday I had her weighed and she came in at 4.95 kilogram (10 lbs 15 oz). I thought she would be a little more than that, but she is still just fine. She’s still in the ninth percentile for weight so holding steady.


Summer in London

Despite London’s unusual recent heat waves, we’ve gone outside every day and have had lots of time in the local parks.


It has been the hottest summer since we’ve lived in London and there have been at least one or two record-breaking days. I love the heat myself, but I worry about Elodie in the heat and certainly don’t want her getting a sunburn, so we spend our time covered up in the shade. On the hot days I definitely feed her more often, to keep her hydrated.


In the mornings it is often cooler outside than it is in our flat, especially since we walk and sit in the shade. Some days it’s been just me and Elodie, some days I’ve met up with some of my other mum friends + babies to play together, and on the weekends Andy’s been able to join us too. 



Elodie is so cute outside, doing tummy time on the grass, looking up at the trees and smiling.


It is so nice to have spring babies and be able to spend these long summer days outside; if it was cold and dark winter time we’d be stuck inside much more.



Elodie is chattering and active and strong and threatening to crawl! She still loves her tummy time and that can be a good way to calm her sometimes.


She can play with her toys on her gym and learned to kick them to make them swing! She also shimmies around on her back.

One day I caught her moving completely perpendicular to how I placed her, all on her own. Very exciting to me!

She is alert and interested in everything, and going for walks in the carrier is no longer a guaranteed way to make her sleep because she likes to look around at everything.


However, we have had a nice breakthrough in that we’ve started to use the buggy again! She definitely won’t lay flat in the carry cot because she can’t see out, but I’ve started taking her out in the car seat attached to the buggy base and that has been successful (I say that very tentatively though). She likes it since she can see out, and after awhile sometimes she’ll fall asleep in there. 


I don’t use it all the time because it’s a bit of a faff to get it out of the house and on public transit, etc, but for local walks around the neighborhood it’s good to have this as an option again.

Overall she still has lots of clingy days. For some time each day she can hang out on the floor or in her rocker alone, playing with toys and looking at things, but she often likes to be held or carried around.



We are still doing the baby massage classes once a week which is a joy; the last class is this week. She is really active during those classes and seems to enjoy it, and we’ve learnt some fun songs and massage/playtime techniques to do at home.



Sleep continues to be a challenge. Elodie struggles to go down for a nap, and often wakes up exactly 40 minutes after she fell asleep.


Occasionally the white noise will work, occasionally the dummy will work, and occasionally she’ll sleep in the carrier or buggy, but none of those are guarantees. I’m just trying to be patient, remember she is still a very young person and this won’t last forever.


There are so many “sleep experts” out there and I think most of them are money-making scams. It’s overwhelming to google things about baby sleep, but generally we are following attachment parenting practices. I don’t believe in crying it out, and she is too young for that now anyway.


Evenings are always tough, and since Andy doesn’t usually get home til 7:30 or 8 it makes for a long day. At night, some evenings have been pretty rough with lots of crying and screaming, like the bad old days of colic. But not every night is like that and it’s definitely getting better. I’m trying to help her have her last nap around 5 or 6pm to calm her for the evening, and then put her down to sleep starting around 8:30, although it might be an hour before she actually falls asleep, usually after some fussing and one last feed.


After she’s asleep she’ll be okay for a few hours, but unfortunately she has dropped from the 5-hour stretches at night we used to get. She now wakes every 2 or 3 hours throughout the night. She usually just wakes up to eat and then goes right back down, so at least that is good. At first I blamed this on the heat, but I’ve also since learned that a sleep regression is common around 3 or 4 months.


But like I said, this won’t last forever. I am so aware of how fast she will grow. When Elodie was born my former boss told me, “The days are long, but the years are short.” So true!

Elodie is such a joy; she takes up all our energy but we love her for it!




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