Recent Weekend Outings

We’ve had several fun recent Saturdays out. A few weeks ago, we spent the day in Greenwich, a borough of London on the south side of the river, home to the Prime Meridian, the Greenwich Observatory and the National Maritime Museum.


This was a really fun day; we had lunch in the garden of a classic old pub, The Plume of Feathers, walked around Greenwich Park and the High Street and Greenwich Market, visited National Maritime Museum, and walked along the waterfront.


It was a beautiful day and Elodie was in good spirits for most the day.


We also spent another Saturday in Marlow, a town on the Thames west of London. We took the train, about an hour journey, and met up with my brother John and his kids Ciara and Jack for the day.


They are sadly moving back to America so this was the last time we’d see them for awhile.


We met up in the local park, walked along the Thames path for a bit along the river, and had a pub lunch.



We had a really fun day and my 13-year-old niece absolutely loved holding Elodie. They were so cute together!



I’m sad they are gone but I feel really lucky we had these three years here together.


Elodie was really happy and chill most the day, even taking a long delay on the train home in stride.


Last weekend, we had our first rather nice dinner out, at a trendy new spot, Westerns Laundry, that opened nearby. We went with friends who live in the neighborhood and also recently had a baby. It was really fun to be out to dinner and felt so much easier to be with other people who also have a baby and understand the challenges. Janice and I both fed our babies during dinner, and the restaurant layout was perfect; because it was a hot night, the entire front of the restaurant was open to the front terrace and we were seated on the edge of the terrace so if the babies got fussy, we could easily get up and walk around with them outside. No photos from that night though!

It’s important for us to be able to continue to travel and do fun things with Elodie. Everything is different, slower and requires more planning now, but it is so much fun to show her the world!



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