Five Month Update (September Summary)

Finding the time to blog hasn’t been easy lately, but it’s important to me to keep it up so here is an overdue summary of Elodie at five months (the month of September). The first part of this month we were in Florida. The rest of the month’s highlights are below!



In mid-September, Elodie weighed 13 lb 15 oz, and I was told she is inching up out of the 9th percentile but isn’t quite into the 25th percentile. Progress! By late September, she transitioned into size 3 nappies and was solidly into size 3-6 month clothing (just in time for her six-month birthday).



By mid- and late September, Elodie really began scooting all over the place! She began to move off her blanket on the floor by pulling herself along on her tummy, and we bought her a new playmat which really helped her begin “creeping” even more!

She also began to sit up on her own!


In anticipation of starting on solid foods, we got a highchair! She looks so little in there and I about died at how cute she looks perched in this little chair.


We also put her in her big girl seat in the buggy, and she liked it!


This is a big relief since she hated the carry cot (bassinet) so much and only just tolerated the car seat attachment on the buggy. Being able to use a buggy now is a game changer. We still use the carrier a lot for convenience and it is the most reliable way to get her to nap, but she will often do her morning nap in the buggy.


Having the flexibility of the buggy, to allow her a comfortable place to sit when we are out and about and a new way to see the world, is fantastic.

Elodie now holds up her arms when she wants me to play with her or pick her up which is so cute. Overall she seems to really be communicating a lot, looking to me when she wants something, making noises and giggling a ton.

She also loves exploring faces and mouths with her fingers all the time; when I am feeding her she is constantly sticking her fingers in my mouth or grabbing my nose or neck (ouch!).


Near the end of the month, just before Elodie turned six months, we introduced her to solid foods! The first thing we tried was sweet potato.


She seemed intrigued by the novelty of it but didn’t really eat anything. After a few tries of that I next offered her avocado. We are mostly doing baby-led weaning, which means offering the baby finger foods and letting them feed themselves. I tried giving her some pureed foods on a spoon as well, but she really did not like that – she has a mind of her own!


There are a number of benefits and reasons for using the baby-led weaning approach and it makes sense to me; I’ll write more about it in my next post since we really got more into it in October. 


Following our trip, baby jet lag (and possibly other developmental changes?) meant LOTS of night wakings (about six per night). At various times she has seemed to have both tooth pain and gas pains and was waking up crying a lot. The evening routine of putting her down and knowing she’ll sleep at least a few hours has not worked and there have been multiple repeat rounds of rocking, feeding, using the dummy, and giving Nurofen for teething pain. Rocking her to sleep doesn’t always work, and after I feed her to sleep I have to hold her until I am sure she is deeply asleep and then slowly leave. Most nights she ends up in bed with me and sometimes that is the only way she will fall and stay asleep. But I do love waking up with her and snuggling her in bed. She is always really giggly and cute in the morning. 🙂

My days revolve around Elodie’s nap needs. If I can anticipate it and help her sleep when she needs to that is great, but if a nap doesn’t happen or is short, things get tricky and affects her later in the day, and affects her sleep that night. I’ve come to realise I really can’t have more than one specific activity or playdate planned per day; it’s just too hard to schedule naps around more than one thing. Some days if I have to be somewhere at a specific time I get majorly stressed about her naps.


We started a French class in September! We are going to Coucou Loulou, which offers French classes for various age levels. Elodie’s class is for babies up to 5-year-olds, and is basically a sing-along and nursery rhymes, all in French. I really like it and I think Elodie enjoys it too. We’ve been listening to the music and singing along at home, too.

Coucou Loulou

We’ve also had fun play dates with friends and my NCT group.

Elodie and Gus

We celebrated my birthday at the end of September with a country walk out near Henley on the Saturday and a great day hanging around in London on the Sunday. I plan to write a separate post about the country walk, but this was honestly one of the best weekends of my life.

Birthday family selfie

The following weekend, we went to west London for the first time in awhile and visited the V&A Museum and walked around Hyde Park, enjoying the autumn colours.


More to come about month six!


2 thoughts on “Five Month Update (September Summary)

  1. Hello – came across your blog, love your story and baby girl! I have a 6month old and just starting BLW….any tips and tricks appreciated! She doesn’t seem too keen at the moment! Thanks x


    1. Mine wasn’t interested at first either! It’s taken some time but now she loves broccoli, apple and courgette. Someone advised me to just treat it as playtime, with no expectations for eating, and that helped. Also, experiment with the size and texture – I realised I needed to give her bigger pieces that she could pick up more easily. x


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