Birthday Weekend + Country Walk

For my birthday weekend in late September, we left London for the day to do a country walk!


A “country walk” is what we might call a hike in the US, but the term “country walk” is the term used here (probably also has something to with the the gentle rolling landscape in the UK; it’s not like we are climbing any mountains). Anyway, we used our trusty Time Out guide to choose a walk; this book, which is actually two volumes, is great. All the walks listed can be accessed from London via train, so no need for a car, and the directions are very detailed and always include recommendations for pub lunches and tea stops.

We did the Henley via Hambleden circular walk, so we could start and end in Henley-on-Thames, a cute town on the Thames west of London that we’d visited before and wanted to see again.


We were lucky to have absolutely beautiful weather. We brought Elodie in the carrier and it went just fine, going a bit slower and taking more breaks than we normally would.


I fed her on a tree stump by the Thames! Definitely one of the most scenic feeds we’ve had.


Immediately after that we had to change her nappy there on the stump….then again later in the woods! But it was fine and she thought it was funny.



We had a really lovely lunch at the Stag and Huntsman then walked back along the Thames to Henley, covering about eight miles total. So pretty.



Upon returning to Henley, we stopped at a pub for refreshment and Elodie was so happy, so giggly and excited!


I also got myself an ice cream cone before the long train journey home. All in all it was a pretty perfect day.


The next day was my actual birthday and we had a fun day in London. I woke up thinking about my mom giving birth to me, wondering what that day was like, now that I’ve been through it myself.

baby kathy mom and boys

We gave Elodie a bath and she was so cute and happy in the tub! Later I went for a run and got us coffee.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous again, so we walked around Islington, had lunch sitting outside at Earl of Essex, one of my favourite pubs, and later stopped by Ottolenghi to pick up desserts and had a drink in the garden at Canonbury Tavern.


Later we skyped with Grandma Jill, FaceTimed with my mom, had dinner and presents and dessert. It was all so much fun, honestly one of the best weekends of my life! I ended the night feeling so happy and grateful for everything I have and such a wonderful weekend with my little family.



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